Wawomudha Lake in Bajawa Similar to Kelimutu Lake, It Has 3 Craters With Different Colors

Wawomudha Lake in Bajawa Similar to Kelimutu Lake, It Has 3 Craters With Different Colors, Parinseja.com – Have you ever heard of the name Wawomudha Lake in Bajawa? This lake has three craters of different beautiful colors. Wawomudha Lake similar to Kelimutu Lake in Ende, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

Wawomudha Lake is located in Ngoranale, Susu Village, BajawaSub District, Ngada District-NTT. Crater of Wawomudha was formed in the year 2001 after Mount of Wawomudha erupted.

What is the beauty of Wawomudha Lake in Bajawa? Similar to Kelimutu Lake, this lake has three craters with different colors. The color of the small crater of Wawomudha is yellow, brown, and brownish red.

People often call Wawomudha Lake a Mini Kelimutu Lake. This is because the color changes in the crater occurs from the results of volcanic reactions and microorganisms in the water crater.

kelimutu lake
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Wawomudha Lake is one of the tourist destinations for the people around Bajawa. There are also tourists from outside Bajawa even from abroad who visit this tourist attraction.

Because of its location close to the center of Bajawa city, Wawomudha Lake has become a tourist attraction in Bajawa and Ngada. To reach this tourist attraction, tourists can drive from downtown Bajawa for about 15 minutes.

After that, tourists climb the mountain on foot for about 30 minutes. During the trip to Wawomudha Crater, tourists can enjoy the natural scenery of pine and fir trees along the way.

During the dry season, the crater of Wawomudha Lake is usually dry, no water with different colors. But interesting sights can still be enjoyed by tourists who come.

If the rainy season, this crater will be filled with water. But, tourists should not come in the morning during the rainy season, because thick fog envelops Wawomudha Lake.

The scenery on Wawomudha Lake is truly fascinating. Tourists must be at home there. Don’t forget to prepare your drink and snack/food when visiting this lake. There is no restaurant in there.

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