Waimarang Waterfall, Hidden Oasis in East Sumba

Waimarang Waterfall, Hidden Oasis in East Sumba, Parinseja.com – Eastern Indonesia region has a stunning natural beauty. In addition to the beautiful coastal line, the area of Eastern Indonesia also has other natural attractions that you can visit. For example a waterfall.

Some areas have beautiful waterfall tours. This tourist place has a view that is not less beautiful with the beach. One of them Waimarang Waterfall in East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.

Administratively, this waterfall is located in Watu Hadang Village, Umalulu District, East Sumba.

This waterfall has a natural pool of blue or tosca. And rock cliffs surround the pool of waterfalls so that the pool is as confined and protected the rocks of the rocks.

Not only that, from this cliff top tourists can also do cliff jumping. However, you must be careful. Because there are some parts of the cliff that is rather slippery and could endanger your safety.

Trees grow around this waterfall. This makes the atmosphere in this place more shady and cool.

Waimarang Waterfall
Tourist visit the Waimarang Waterfall in East Sumba. (Photo: instabrown.com)
To go to Waimarang Waterfall, tourists must travel from Waingapu City, capital of East Sumba Regency for two hours. It is about 83 Kilometers. Tourists can use motorbikes or cars.

Then, tourists can continue the journey by passing a narrow road for several kilometers. Furthermore, tourists must go through a small road that can only be accessed using a motorcycle.

From there, tourists must walk down a very steep hill. You must prepare your physics for this journey. But don’t worry, because you will see the beautiful waterfall in there.

This waterfall has a natural pool with clear water. And tourists can swim or soak in this place while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the waterfall.

Because the location is quite far from the village, tourists should also bring enough food and drink. After a long journey, you can swim and enjoy the waterfall. And tourists can rest while enjoying food and cool air there.

So, what are you waiting for? This place can be a choice of tourist destinations. Come to the crowded visit this waterfall and various beautiful places in Sumba.

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