There are Two Natural Caves in Kupang-NTT, Have You Ever Visited?

There are Two Natural Caves in Kupang-NTT, Have You Ever Visited?, – Visiting Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), tourists usually choose beaches and waterfalls. That places are a favorite destination for the local community. Also for tourists from other areas even foreign tourists. But did you know that there are two natural caves in Kupang? This caves have a beautiful view.

# Crystal Cave

Caves in Kupang
This is Crystal Cave in Bolok, Kupang-NTT. (Photo:

Crystal Cave is located in Bolok area. It is about 20 Kilometers from Kupang City. If you ride a motorcycle you need about 30-40 minutes to reach Bolok.

Not many people know the location of this Crystal Cave. When you ask the local people, you can ask where is the water police office (Polair), Bolok. Because the location of the Crystal Cave is not far from the police station. Tourists can ask the officers at the police station about Crystal Cave’s location and park the vehicle in there.

The entrance to the Crystal Cave is not big. If you visit the Crystal Cave, you must be careful because the condition in this cave are dark and slippery. Do not forget to bring a flashlight for lighting.

The Crystal Cave has a pond of about 30 cubic meters. The water in this pool is blue. You can swim in this pool and feel the coolness of the water in there.

To enjoy the beauty of the Crystal Cave you should go around at 09:00 to 14:00 pm. Because the sun is still bright and you can see the beautiful of water in the pond.

# Uilabahan Cave

Lasiana Beach
Uilabahan Cave. (Photo:

Still in Bolok area, Kupang, you also can visit Uilabahan Cave. Like the Crystal Cave, Uilabahan Cave also has a pond with clear water. This water is blue tosca. The difference, the mouth of Uilabahan Cave is bigger than Crystal Cave, so easy to find.

In addition, Uilabahan Cave also has a beautiful stalactites on the roofs of the cave. Visitors can take pictures with a stalactite background and a small pool of blue tosca in there.

So, now you have some alternative tourist attractions that can be visited in Kupang, NTT. Not just Lasiana Beach and Oesapa Waterfall. Let’s explore the caves in Kupang and see the beautiful scenery in there.
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