Mauhalek Waterfall Atambua, Heaven for Traveler and Photography Lovers

Mauhalek Waterfall Atambua, Heaven for Traveler and Photography Lovers, – Mauhalek Waterfall Atambua, NTT has its own charm for the surrounding community. Also for travelers and photography lovers.

This waterfall is actually called the Siata Mauhalek Waterfall. Because it is located right at the meeting of two water sources namely Siata and Mauhalek. But the public knows him better by the name Mauhalek Waterfall Atambua.

Located in Raiulun Village, Lasiolat District, Belu-Atambua District, Mauhalek Waterfall is visited on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. One of the traditional dances from Belu, that is the location of waterfall, namely Likurai Dance. The traditional dances from Belu is shown at the opening ceremony of the ASEAN Games 2018.

The distance of Mauhalek Waterfall is about 33 km to the east from the City of Atambua. Or about 1 hour trip when using a car.

And if tourists from Kupang, the capital of NTT Province, will travel 230 kilometers. Or it takes around 5-6 hours to arrive at Mauhalek Waterfall Atambua.

If using a bus from the city of Atambua, tourists simply pay Rp. 25,000-Rp. 30,000. If using a motorcycle taxi service, the fare is approximately IDR 50,000.

Siata Mauhalek Waterfall

To arrive at one of the beautiful waterfalls in NTT, tourists must descend the cement stairs. And tourists arrived at Mauhalek Waterfall Atambua.

The beauty of this waterfall makes tourists who come fascinated. Towering about 10 meters high, the water fell to rock cliffs overgrown with green moss. The water then broke into dozens of grooves forming beautiful water curtains.

If you visit this tourist attraction, don’t forget to bring a change of clothes. The clear and cool water and the atmosphere in there make traveler want to touch directly. Tourists can throw themselves at the base of the stone to bathe or enjoy the falls of the waterfall.

After enjoying the fresh waterfall, tourists can change clothes there. In this place, there are two safe changing rooms for changing clothes.

Besides being a haven for travelers, Mauhalek Waterfall Atambua is also a haven for photographers and photography lovers. You can take picture for waterfalls and green moss that stick to rock walls and by water with your camera.

Don’t forget to enter Mauhalek Waterfall Atambua into your vacation list. Also prepare your camera for this beautiful waterfall.

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