Kenawa Island, Uninhabited  Island with Fantastic Landscape on Sumbawa-NTB

Kenawa Island, Uninhabited Island with Fantastic Landscape on Sumbawa-NTB, – Have you ever heard of Kenawa Island? Do you know where the island is located? Kenawa Island is located between Lombok Island and Sumbawa Island in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Although small, the island offers beautiful landscape. This island also has the uniqueness, it is the uninhabited island.

Kenawa Island
Kenawa Island. (Photo:

People sometimes equate the name of Kenawa and Kanawa Island. That is the name of the two islands. Kenawa Island in Sumbawa, NTB while Kanawa Island is located in Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo, NTT.

Has an area of about 13 hectares, Kenawa Island has beautiful natural scenery. This place is fits become your tourist destination. You can bring your family, your darling and your friends to visit this island.

To visit Kenawa Island, you can go to Bali or Lombok. If from Bali to Lombok, you can use the ferry boat from Padang Bai Harbor. Or you can got a plane to Lombok International Airport.

From Lombok, visitors can use the bus from Lombok Mandalika Terminal to the Port of Kayangan Lombok Timur. Then you must take a ferry boat to Poto Tano Port, Sumbawa for about 1-2 hours.

To get to Kenawa Island, you have to rent a fishing boat. The rental fee is around 350 thousand to 500 thousand. You need travel time about 20-30 minutes.

This island does not have hotel, resort, and others. So you must prepare everything. You can stay on this island with a camping equipment. You also must bring enough food and drink.

Kenawa Island
Camping on Kenawa Island. (Photo:
In Kenawa island, visitors can enjoy the hills, the expanse of savanna and blue sea water. You can also swim at the beach and snorkeling. You can rent the snorkeling equipment around the city of Mataram, Lombok.

What else can be done on this uninhabited island? You can walk between the weeds and the green grass and climb the small hill that is located in the center of the island. From the top of that hill, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset. You can also see Mount Rinjani. At night, this place is also suitable for enjoying the stars. So beautiful!

But you have to keep the island clean. Bring a garbage bag to keep your trash. And later when you get home, you can take the garbage bag to get rid of it. This is to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the island.

Now, Kenawa Island is getting popular. In the holiday season, many people visit this island. So, if you want to go there and enjoy the atmosphere of a lonely, you should not go during the holiday season.

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