Jayapura City, The Best Place to See the Beauty of Jayapura City

Jayapura City, The Best Place to See the Beauty of Jayapura City, Parinseja.com – Jayapura City is a hill located on the outskirts of Jayapura, Papua. From the peak of Jayapura City, we can see the beauty of Jayapura city.

The city is located on one of the islands in the eastern tip of Indonesia it has a very interesting spot to enjoy the afternoon air before dusk or to photograph the landscape of Jayapura city. Such as “Monas” of Jayapura.

From Jayapura City we can see the expanse of buildings and houses of residents who line along the beach to the hills lined the gallant opposite.

Jayapura City
Jayapura City, Papua (Photo: @jerpetkaks)

Ya, if you’re up there, it’s like being out of the country: a city that grows majestically along the shoreline; while boats and boats sailed slowly to the eastern.

If you take a walk to Jayapura, you have to peak into Jayapura City. Entrance to one of the tours in the Jayapura City is only accessible from one direction, namely from the main road Waena-Jayapura.

To go to the top of Jayapura City you can use the guide from google map. Sure, you will be guided to the top of this beautiful hill. When I went there yesterday, too. I searched for this place with a benchmark in the direction of the google map.

Entering the Jayapura City area is free of entry fees. The residents’ houses are also along the left and right sides up to the peak of Jayapura City.

Jayapura City of Papua
Jayapura City of Papua (Photo: @jepretkaks)

Actually, this place is not a tourist destination as in general. These hills are used as a place to set up transmitters for local and national television.

So do not be surprised if at the top of the hill there are television transmitter like TVRI, Trans Media, SCTV, RCTI and several other television broadcasters.

As I said earlier, Jayapura City is not an ideal place for recreation because it is on top of a hilltop and does not have a wide arena.

But Jayapura City is a perfect place to watch the buildings, houses and trees lit up in the sun from the west. He is the perfect place to brew a glass of coffee while saying goodbye to the twilight.

You want to feel it? Don’t forget to go to the Jayapura City.

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