Go to Lembata Love Hill, the Place to See the Twilight, Savana, and the Sea

Go to Lembata Love Hill, the Place to See the Twilight, Savana and the Sea, Parinseja.com – Lembata Love Hill loomed before my eyes. The newly finished road of the asphalt was still blackened, interrupting the green grass. The streets swirled along the hills of the hills, sometimes splitting the hills.

The sun moves westward. By riding a motorcycle on loan, I climbed to the top of the hill. Two friends who took me to this place were quite far ahead.

By dusk, Lembata Love Hill becomes a favorite destination for young people around Lembata and travelers to enjoy the evening. They say, coming to Lembata is incomplete if you do not visit the Love Hill.

That’s right. The orange rays that are leaning to the west reflect the rays on the backs of ocean waves. And from the peak of this Love Hill, I watched the red rolled ocean rolling to break in the coast.

The position of the front of the hill overlooking the sea, with the left side – right – the back of the hill area, while the asphalt road twisted at the foot of the hill, add to the charm of this one tourist destination.

Model of hills that only overgrown savanna also made a number of hills there increasingly exotic. During the dry season, the tops of this hill like a covering themselves with dry grass; all dry yellow.

Lembata Love Hill
The Hills around in the Lembata Love Hill (Foto: @jepretkaks)

While at the beginning of the rainy season, the growing grass makes it all green. As I witnessed that afternoon. While waiting for dusk ahead, I try to photograph some sides of this hill.

But, it is more comfortable to sit back to enjoy a glass of coffee with the background text “Lembata” and “Love” at the top of this hill. Spot this photo would be valid proof if I ever came in one of the most favorite destinations on Lembata Island.

At nightfall, the view on this hill more complete because from the peak we can see the ships passing to the port of Lewoleba. Or, fishing boats that stop in the middle of a vast ocean to catch fish.

This hill is also equipped with illumination so that there is still a visit here at night. There are coffee sellers who provide steeping coffee to accompany your night hangout at the top of this hill.

Not far from this hill, there is also “Bukit Doa Lembata”, a place of praying Catholics who are equipped with statues.

The road to Lembata Love Hill is very easy. Just walk down Lewoleba’s main street to the port of Lewoleba, then just follow the main road. He will take you there. Everyone is free to enter this tourist area free of charge.

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