Natural Enchantment of Fatuulan, Village Above the Clouds in Kupang

Natural Enchantment of Fatuulan, Village Above the Clouds in Kupang, Parinseja – Fatuulan is one of the many tourist attractions in Soe-Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS).

TTS is one of the districts located near the Kupang city, who is the capital of East Nusa Tenggara province. While So’e is the district capital of TTS

Fatuulan tourism starts popular in TTS around 2014, but this place isn’t known well by travelers from outside NTT. This place is amazing and very epic, so we recommend you if you want to travel in the Kupang area.

In Fatuulan, you can find the place with the best view, like the sunrise or sunset. In different side, you also see blue cloud overlay and savanna.

In this area sometimes covered by the fog because Fatuulan is located near Mutis mountain.  Mutis is the highest mountain in Timor Island. Therefore the travelers dubbed this place like “Village Above the Clouds”.

Behind the beautiful place, you really need to hard work to get there because the track is very bad. Fatuulan is a small village who located in Soe-TTS.

Start from Kupang city, you need 5 or 6 times to finally arrive at Fatuulan village. From Kupang, we will traverse the city of Soe, then head to the Oinlasi area, and then head to Fatuulan Tourism. All the way from the city of Kupang to Soe is good, but from Soe to Fatuulan is’nt good.

The reach of public transportation just only reaches the center of Oinlasi village. So,the best transportation we recommend for you is motorcycle.

Take a look this picture. Some of this photos can tell you the truth about this beautiful tourist objects.

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Fatuulan tourism
Fatuulan tourism (Photo:

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Tourism attraction in Soe-Kupang

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Beautiful savannah in Fatuulan tourist

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