Are You A Climber? Don’t Forget To Climb Mount Inerie If You Want To Travel To Flores Island

Are You A Climber? Do Not Forget To Climb Mount Inerie If You Want To Travel To Flores Island, Parinseja.comMount Inerie is one of the volcanoes on the island of Flores, precisely in Ngada district, East Nusa Tenggara province.

Among the climbers, the name of Inerie mountain has not been widely known. But among the people of Flores, Inerie mountain is well known.

It’s one of the volcanoes that is currently active. This mountain erupted in 1970 and 1880.

High mountain Inerie reaches 2,245 mdpl. The position of this mountain towering towards the southern coast of Flores island with a perfect cone peak, making the mountain of Inerie is often called “Natural Pyramid”.

In the foothills of Mount Inerie there is a famous traditional village sights namely Kampung Bena.

The meaning of this mountain name consists of two words namely “Ine” which means mother, and “Rie” which means beautiful. So Mount Inerie is a beautiful mother.

The journey to Inerie mountain

From the city of Bajawa, you must pass Watu Meze village first before entering the climbing route. To get to the village of Watu Meze, you can rent a car, or take a public bus or rent a motorbike.

In the city of Bajawa also provided a tour guide who can help you to get to the top of the mountain Inerie.

To get a tour guide, you can find information on “Tourist Information” near Kartini field in Bajawa city.

But, if you depart from Kupang and get off at Soa Airport, then you must first go to Bajawa city by travel (a car). Usually a lot of car travel available at the airport.

It needs time is about half an hour to arrive Bajawa City. And costs around Rp.50.000 to Rp. 100,000.

Road texture to Inerie Mount

Travel time takes 3-5 hours only, because this mountain is not too high. But, the path to climb this mountain is quite challenging. The texture of the road is pebbly, rocky, and very steep.

It’s advisable to wear shoes that aren’t slippery because you can just slip on the climb. Plants around the road are also not too many, so it’s very difficult for climbers to hold on.

Along the climbing lane there are no outposts to search for water or just to rest as in general mountains are commonly used for climbing. So make sure you bring enough food and water to avoid dehydration.

In the Inerie mountain there are two peak points are the first and second is highest peaks. Tracking to the second peak is very extreme and you must be carefull.

Mount Inerie
Road texture to Inerie mount (Photo :

But from this peak you will encounter such beautiful scenery. In addition to beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy the sunrise from the top of the mountain Inerie. So beautiful guys…

Mount Inerie
Sunrise in mount Inerie (Photo :

East Nusa Tenggara does have many attractions that are still natural and interesting to visit. So … want to travel to NTT? Guaranteed, you will surely be amazed by the beauty of nature there.

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