The beautiful Savanna in Fulan Fehan Atambua-NTT, looks like in Europe

The beautiful Savanna in Fulan Fehan Atambua-NTT, looks like in Europe, – The Fulan Fehan savanna grassland has a million exciting beauty to visit. This tour is located on the slopes of Lakaan Atambua mountain. The beauty of this tour looks like as the savannas are abroad.

The location of this place is far from the city of Atambua, the capital of Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

The distance from Atambua to the savanna of Fulan Fehan approximately 42 km. Access to this place also requires extra effort because of the rocky road conditions and somewhat damaged.

The condition of the road to Fulan Fehan
The condition of the road to Fulan Fehan (Foto :

Everyone who has ever visited this place is always amazed by its natural beauty. In this resort you will find a vast expanse of green grass.

The size area of savannas in this place extent until now not yet knowing. In addition to the prairie charm, there are also cactus plants scattered throughout this valley.

According to the ancestral story of local residents, Fulan Fehan region was formerly the ocean. Now, transformed into a vast grassland overgrown with wild cactus.

Cactus plant in Fulan Fehan
Cactus plant in Fulan Fehan (Foto :
Fulan Fehan is located in the village of Dirun, Lamaknen, Belu District, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). This area lies in the border region between Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste.

From one of the cliffs in this place, we can see some of the natural beauty that is owned by the state of East Timor and we can also enjoy the whole city of Atambua.

Fulan Fehan View
From the Fulan Fehan, we can enjoy the whole city of Atambua (Foto :

The beauty of nature Fulan Fehan is still very natural and there is no trash littering this place.

Amidst the vast plains of savannas and cactus plants, several species of animals such as horses, cattle and goats are allowed to roamed this savannas.

Besides its panoramic beauty, in the Fulan Fehan there are also two historical places, namely Kikit Gewen Fort, which means the bird of Rajawali, and Ranu Hitu Fort on the top of Mount Makes (also called “Benteng Lapis 7”).

Kikit Gewen fort made of natural stone composed like a fence. According to local history, this little fortress used heroes to set the strategy before progressing to the battlefield.

Kikit Gwen Fort In Fulan Fehan
Kikit Gewen Fort In Fulan Fehan (Foto :

While Ranu Hitu Fort or “Benteng Lapis 7”, is a fortress tribe “Uma Metan” from the kingdom Dirun during the war between tribes that occurred in the past. As the name implies, there are several layers of defense ranging from the entrance to the last layer.

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