Three Newest Cafes in Kupang Suitable for Young People Hanging out

Three Newest Cafes in Kupang Suitable for Young People Hanging out, – There are many cafes and restaurants in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Cafes and restaurants has become part of the life of Kupang people, especially young people who like to hang out with their friends.

Young people and people in Kupang need not be confused to find a place to hang out.There are 3 newest cafes in Kupang suitable for hanging out.

# Waroenk Resto and Cafe
Waroenk and Resto Cafe Kupang
Waroenk and Resto Cafe Kupang (Foto:

Come, sit down and enjoy. That is the concept of Waroenk Resto and Cafe that located on WJ Lalamentik Street, Oebufu-Oebobo Subdistrict, Kupang City. This place is one of the latest cafes in Kupang which is a place for young people hanging out.

This cafe just launched on July 8, 2017. While hanging out, Kupang people can enjoy food that tastes the general public and affordable prices.

In addition, this cafe has free wifi facilities. Visitors also can choose to hang out in indoor with air conditioner or in outdoor that is in cafe porch.

Waroenk Resto and Cafe is open from 10.00-00.00 hours so young people do not have to worry just hanging out for a while. You can talk with your friends while enjoying good food and drinks. The favorite drinks of the young people in the cafe are Chocolate Cookies, Milo Dino, and several types of coffee drinks.

# Cafe Tebing
Cafe Tebing Kupang
Cafe Tebing Kupang (Foto:

To reach this cafe, visitors must travel about 30-45 minutes from Kupang City. This cafe has a uniqueness that is located on the beach cliff.

Cafe Tebing offers a different atmosphere from other cafes in Kupang City. Wooden tables and chairs and open concept plus a cafe position overlooking the open sea make for a cozy cafe atmosphere.

This place is suitable for hanging out with friends and family. Besides enjoying delicious food and drinks, visitors can enjoy the sunset at this cafe.

To enjoy the beauty of the sunset, visitors should come around at 16:00 or 16:30 WITA. You can do selfie photos or photos with friends, couples, families with a beautiful sunset background.

# Kiki Kaka Cafe
Kiki Kaka Cafe
Kiki Kaka Cafe (Foto:

The other newest cafe in Kupang is Kiki Kaka Cafe on Perintis Kemerdekaan Street Number 1 Kayu Putih, Kupang. The location of the cafe near the campus STIKOM Uyelindo Kupang and STIKES CHMK Kupang.

The cafe is open from 10.00-00.00 WITA. This cafe is suitable for hanging out young people while enjoying coffee and food in the afternoon until evening.

The food menu in this cafe is spicy as is the taste of the Kupang people. The level of spiciness of food here is ranging from less spicy, spicy, and very spicy.

At Kiki Kaka Cafe, visitors can enjoy food and drinks while listening to live music. The cafe is also equipped with free wifi facilities so visitors feel at home for long in this cafe. The friendliness of the service is a priority in this cafe.

Well, for the young Kupang, and also the people who are visiting Kupang, those are the three newest cafes in Kupang that are suitable for young people hangout. You can visit the cafes and enjoy the food, drinks and cozy cafe atmosphere.

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