Four Uses of Tenun Ikat Fabric for the People of Timor Island

Four Uses of Tenun Ikat Fabric for the People of Timor Island, –┬áTenun ikat fabric is one of the custom fabric that is in demand by the people of Indonesia. You know what the uses of tenun ikat fabric for the people in eastern Indonesia.

Areas such as Sumba, Flores and Timor have always been a reference when people talk about tenun ikat fabric. However, some other areas in Indonesia also have tenun ikat fabric.

Here we will discuss specifically about tenun ikat fabric from the island of Timor. You must know what the use of tenun ikat is bound to the people of Timor Island.

Given the process of making tenun ikat is not easy, also the creators are fewer then this paper can enrich your knowledge of tenun ikat fabric we are currently being proud of by the people of Indonesia.

The following is the use of woven fabric for the people of the island of Timor.

1. Traditional Ceremony

Traditional Ceremony in Timor Island
Traditional Ceremony in Timor Island (

Tenun ikat fabrics are usually used for custom ceremonies, or on religious festivals. In traditional ceremonies, tenun ikat fabric has an important role because he is a symbol for the Timorese.

Therefore, on special occasions, most men use the custom fabric.

2. Daily Apparel

Daily Apparel of Timorese
Daily Apparel of Timorese (

Timorese also often use tenun ikat fabric as blankets for sleeping or for daily activities. Tenun ikat fabric for man is again called beti, while for women it is called tais.

For some Timorese, tenun ikat fabric are like everyday clothes. Then you will easily find people using it in everyday life.

In the past, a teenage girl was considered to be ready to marry when she was able to make tenun ikat fabric.

3. Dowry

Likurai Tradisional Dance in Timor
Likurai Tradisional Dance in Timor (

Dowry is an important part of the Timorese wedding ceremony. When a man wants to marry a woman, he must give the dowry.

One of the things that must exist in the dowry is the tenun ikat fabric. Usually carried in pairs of beti and tais.

4. Dress or coat

Tenun Ikat Fabric
Cloathes of tenun ikat fabric

Lately, tenun ikat fabric began to be processed into a clothes, skirts or coats. This development is increasingly widespread when the designers begin to see that tenun ikat fabric is a cultural asset that is very important to be preserved.

Now, the clothes or coats of teun ikat fabric are not only used by Timorese but most of the Indonesian people have used them either as clothes or coats or other variations.

5. Lifestyle

Tenun ikat fabric as lifestyle
Tenun ikat fabric as lifestyle

When tourist attractions in eastern Indonesia are increasingly known widely, tenun ikat fabric is also known. Because many people make personal photos using tenun ikat fabric.

Some use it as a sarung, some are using it as a scarf tied to the head.

This is the uses of tenun ikat fabric for Timorese that is still popular today by Timorese and Indonesians.

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