Wulla Poddu in Sumba, Traditional Culture of the Marapu People

Wulla Poddu in Sumba, Traditional Culture of the Marapu People, Parinseja.com – Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is known as an area that has many natural tourist attractions and interesting culture tour. The tradition of Wulla Poddu on Sumba, one of them.

wulla poddu in sumba
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Besides the Pasola Festival, the tradition of Wulla Poddu in Sumba is a special attraction for tourists. Both domestic and foreign tourists. This tradition is a traditional culture of the Marapu people. Marapu is traditional belief in Sumba.

Usually the tradition of Wulla Poddu in Sumba is held from October to November. This traditional culture in Sumba is to welcome the holy month or new year for followers of the Marapu faith.

Wulla means moon and Poddu means bitter. So Wulla Poddu literally means bitter month. Throughout the month all Marapu followers must obey a number of restrictions. This prohibition is like not being allowed to build a house, throw a party, hit a gong if someone dies, cry if there is a person who dies, may not repair the house, especially the roof and others.

In the tradition of Wulla Poddu, Marapu people must also carry out a number of traditional rituals. The purpose of this traditional ritual is to ask for blessings and thanks.

traditional culture in sumba
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The tradition of Wulla Poddu in Sumba begins with the cutting of chickens by the traditional elders of each tribe. In the Wulla Poddu tradition there was also the initiation ceremony of a man who entered adulthood. They will be circumcised by Rato or tribal chiefs in traditional villages, at the beginning of Wulla Poddu. Then they were sent out of the village, staying for a month in the desert or jungle to hunt.

The highlight of the Wulla Poddu celebration is usually an opportunity to going home. This is like the
Eid Al-Fitr trip or Christmas that is always awaited and welcomed. In Wulla Poddu ritual, there are warrior dances that is danced.

Wulla Poddu ritual held in several locations in West Sumba, including:
Loli District: Tambera Village, Bodo Maroto Village, Tarung Village
Wanokaka District: Kadoku Village
Lamboya District: Kampung Sodana
Tana Righu District: Ombarade Village

In addition to enjoying traditional culture on Sumba, tourists can visit traditional villages in Sumba and a number of beautiful beach tourism on Sumba example Tarimbang Beach, Mandorak Beach. Come on, set aside time for traveling to Sumba.

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