The Bloom of Sepe Flowers, so the Best Moment for Traveling to Kupang

The Bloom of Sepe Flowers, so the Best Moment for Traveling to Kupang, – Have you ever asked, what is the right moment when we want to traveling to Kupang? Or, is there a tourist iconic that can be targeted when we visiting Kupang?

During this time, maybe the most common explored by the NTT traveler is the beach tourism in Kupang.

Natural and far from the impression of rubbish, making Indonesian travelers flock to visit the beach tourism in there.

But actually, there are other unique things from this city. The city which is often known as the ‘Kota Karang‘ has its own characteristics that can be targeted by travelers.

People of Kupang called it Sepe flower. The flower often known by people outside of Kupang as Flamboyant flower.

Sepe Flowers in Kupang
Sepe Flowers in Kupang (Photo :

The moment of Sepe flowers bloom is one of the other unique things that this city has. When get in November or December, all the way and corner in Kupang city decorated by the bloom of this flower.

If it can be likened, the flower view of Sepe is in this city similar to the blooming of Sakura flowers in Japan country.

Even more unique, the Sepe will only bloom in November-December. For this reason, the people in the city often make that moment as a sign that Christmas and the end of the year are approaching.

If the time comes for bloom, this Sepe tree tends not to have many leaves. More flowers than the leaves.

The exposure of the Sepe flower which is reddish in color adds to the city’s atmosphere more neat than usual.

This moment is also felt even more when accompanied by the dusk of the city of Kupang. For the travelers who also like the photography, this moment is definitely interesting to capture.

Photographing flowers Shape with background of dusk in this city is very beautiful, friend. This moment are often targeted by the photographers in Kupang.

Well, for friends who want to visiting Kupang City, don’t skip this moment to take a selfie with this beautiful flower background from Kupang.

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