Reba Traditional Ceremony Ngada, Cultural Tourism in NTT

Reba Traditional Ceremony Ngada, Cultural Tourism in NTT, – The Reba traditional ceremony is one of the traditions that is still preserved in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Especially in Ngada.

There are people who call this cultural tourism in NTT as a harvest thanksgiving party. There are also people who call the Reba traditional ceremony as a new year party like Chinese New Year celebrated by Chinese people.

The Reba traditional ceremony is a traditional ceremony that aims to respect and give thanks for the services of the ancestors. This ceremony is also used to reflect and evaluate everything about community life in the previous year.

reba traditional ceremony

Through the Reba traditional ceremony, families and communities ask for instructions from religious leaders and traditional leaders to be able to live a better life in the new year.

Reba traditional ceremony usually use the symbol “Uwi” (sweet potato). This symbolizes the bread of human life at the time of “in Illo temporenya” Bajawa people.

When the Reba traditional ceremony was held, the whole family gathered at their respective traditional houses. They will discuss issues that arise in the clan, find solutions, reconcile tribal members who disagree, accept the proposal of prospective husbands, listen to advice from elders, purify themselves, and eat together.

The day before the Reba traditional ceremony, the community held an opening ceremony (su‘i uwi). In this event, people eat and drink together.

reba festival

During the Reba traditional ceremony, dances accompany this ceremony. The dancers hold long swords (sau) and colorful sticks whose edges are decorated with white goat hair (tuba).

The Reba traditional ceremony was not only carried out by Bajawa people, Ngada in their area of origin. Those who migrated outside Ngada, for example in Kupang and Jakarta also performed the Reba traditional ceremony.

In Jakarta, usually the Bajawa community, Ngada carries out this ceremony on the NTT platform, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Not only traditional ceremonies, they also held a workshop on the values contained in Reba culture. Hopefully these values can be actualized in everyday life.

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