Pajura, Boxing Under The Moonlight. It’s Tradition Festival in West Sumba

Pajura, Boxing Under The Moonlight. It’s Tradition Festival in West Sumba, – West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has a wealth of cultures, traditions and beautiful scenery that attract tourists to visit. One of them is the tradition of Pajura or Patukna.

Pajura is a festival in West Sumba and Southwest Sumba performed as a customary ritual when harvest time arrives. This traditional festival in West Sumba is a boxing between the inhabitants of the various villages in there.

Usually the boxers who follow this tradition use a boxing glove made of reeds. Pajura custom ritual is held in the early morning from 00:00 until around 04:00.

Pajura Fastival
People reading to Pajura Fight (Foto:

This tradition is still a series with Pasola traditional festival. Pasola Festival is an annual festival that is celebrated West Sumba society when starting the planting period. This festival has entered the Indonesian tourism calendar. Foreign tourists are also interested to visit West Sumba one of them because Pasola festival and the other tradition in West Sumba.

In Pasola festival, villagers will clash with riding horses while throwing a javelin into an opponent until the opponent bleeds.

While the tradition of Pajura held before Pasola festival. This tradition is held on the beach. One of the beaches used to hold this tradition is Tentena Beach in Wanokaka Subdistrict, District of West Sumba.

To reach the Tentena Beach, tourists can travel about 45 minutes by car from Waikabubak, the capital of West Sumba. Local people usually walk to reach this beach.

In the early hours, local people gather at Tentena Beach. They went to the beach to follow the Pajura tradition. In the traditional festival of West Sumba, usually the boxers fight to get hurt.

Like Pasola, the local community believes that in the Pajura tradition the more blood is spilled the more abundant their crops. This tradition is used to welcome the harvest and predict the harvest.

In the execution of Pajura tradition only rely on lighting from the moonlight. So this tradition is often called a boxing under the moonlight. Floodlights light up only during Pajura preparation. This is used to facilitate the supervisor in checking the hand of the boxer who will compete in the Pajura tradition.

The tradition of Pajura is carried out from generation to generation until now. In addition, through this tradition the people of West Sumba want to maintain togetherness and solidarity among human beings in order to live side by side.

West Sumba can be your tourist destination. It has many tourist attractions such as beaches, traditional villages etc. In there, tourists can also see traditions or traditional festivals that are still running until now.

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