This is a Manggarai Tourism, Unique Rice Field Like a Spider’s Web

This is a Manggarai Tourism, Unique Rice Field Like a Spider’s Web, – One of the Manggarai tourism, in Flores-East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is the rice field. If all this time you know Komodo Island, Pink Bieach in Labuan Bajo, you can explore other places.

If you are planning to go to Komodo Island area in Labuan Bajo, you also must visit Manggarai. This area has several places with unique rice field views that you can not find anywhere. Even in the world, this kind of rice field is the only one.

The Manggarai’s people call it lodok or sawah jaring laba-laba. This Manggarai tourism is a rice field that has shape like spider’s web. Rice fields like that are common in some areas such as Kampung Cara, Cancar, and Lembor.
Manggarai Tourism
Lodok, rice field like spider’s web as Manggarai tourism. (Photo:

Manggarai’s people have unique pattern of division of agricultural land (lingko), including rice fields. When going to divide the circle, the center of the circle is marked with wood. This wood is called haju teno because it is taken from teno wood. The distribution of land in the lodok is by the authority of Tu’a Teno.

The central point marked by this teno wood is called lodok. From the lodok will be drawn a straight line to the outer limit of lingko. At the central point or lodok, the community often perform traditional ceremonies. The ceremony is done when entering the growing season and harvest.

Tourists can visit Cancar area, one of the Manggarai tourism, to see the charm of lodok. To reach Cancar, Manggarai, tourists can travel by car or motorcycle from Labuan Bajo for 4-5 hours.

Manggarai Tourism
Lodok is one of Manggarai tourism in NTT. (Photo:

While from Ruteng, downtown Manggarai, tourists can travel 30-40 minutes to reach Cancar. In there, tourists must climb to the hill to see the view of the fields of this spider web. This is the one of the Manggarai tourism.

From the top of the hill around Cancar, this green rice field stretch cools the eyes of anyone who sees it. This spiderweb field like that just only exists in Manggarai. In the world, it is the only one. This rice field became one of the special characteristics of Manggarai area.

So, let’s we plan our travel to Manggarai and the other areas in there. Enjoy the spider’s web field, one of the Manggarai tourism. And do not forget to capture your photo with that rice field.

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