Let’s Enjoy Historical and Cultural Tourism on Sabu Island, NTT

Let’s Enjoy Historical and Cultural Tourism on Sabu Island, NTT, Parinseja.com – Sabu Island, East Nusa Tenggara is known as one of the island that has beautiful scenery and beaches. The island is located in Sabu Raijua District.

In addition, tourists can also enjoy historical and cultural tourism on Sabu island. The people of Sabu have interesting language and customs to be learned. The Sabu people have their own local language called Li Hawu.

About historical and cultural tourism, tourists can visit traditional villages in Sabu Island. Tourists can also walk through the historic buildings and see the customs that are still living Sabu community until today. What historical and cultural tourism on Sabu island?

# Namata Village

Tourism on Sabu
Namata Village. (Photo: edyraguapo.blogspot.co.id)

Namata’s traditional village is located in Raeloro Village, Sabu Barat District. Tourists only take about 30 minutes from the city of Seba to the village of Namata.

This traditional village is a cultural object in Sabu Island. The nuances of megalithic civilization is still thick in this village. There are chunks of rock in the middle of the village. It is used as a place to perform custom rituals or worship of the gods or ancestors.

# Kudji Ratu Village

tourism on Sabu
Kudji Ratu Village. (Photo: jurnalpatrolinews.com)

The location of this traditional village in the region of East Sabu. Tourists can visit the traditional village of Kudji Ratu as a historical and cultural sights.

To reach this traditional village, tourists must travel 15 kilometers from the city. Tourists can rent a motorbike to go there.

# Palace of Teni Hawu

Sabu Island
Teni Hawu Palace. (Photo: wisata-kota-malang.blogspot.co.id)

The palace is located in the city of Seba. It was built in the Dutch colonial period. At that time, this palace as the center of the government of Seba led by King Samuel Djawa.

Tourists can make this place as a tourist destination on Sabu Island.

# Ege Fort and Batu Gong

Sabu Island
Ege Fort and Batu Gong on Sabu Island. (Photo: pariwisata.serverjogja.com)

Other historical and cultural attractions on Sabu Island are Ege Fort and Batu Gong. This place is located in District Liae. The location of these two attractions is close together. Therefore when visiting Ege Fort, tourists can see Batu Gong.
Ege Fort became a stronghold of enemy attacks in the ancient times. The fort is composed of layers of layered rocks. While Batu Gong is a rock that can issue a gong sound when hit. It sounded like a gong.

That are the tourist places that you can visit on Sabu Island. You can plan your holiday trip to explore the cultural, historical and enjoy the natural beauty and beaches of Sabu Island. Do not miss these guys.

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