Three Special Sumba Foods from Vegetables, Suitable for Travelers

Three Special Sumba Foods from Vegetables, Suitable for Travelers, – If you traveling in Sumba, you have to taste special Sumba foods from vegetables. These tree foods are often served to guests who come.

Almost all of Sumba People know the three special Sumba foods from these vegetables. So, if you visit to the resident’s home, you are served the three foods.

Three Special Sumba Foods from Vegetables is:

1. Ka Pu Pantunnu

Ka Pu Pantunnu from Sumba

Ka Pu Pantunnu is a vegetable from the banana blossom or banana heart. The banana blossom mixed with graters coconut then baked.

This food mixed with basil and spices from Sumba that make this food very special. Usually, Ka Pu Pantunnu eaten with rice or corn, or mixed of both.

2. Rumpu-rampe

Rumpu-rampe from Sumba

This type of vegetables has many fiber. Rumpu-rampe is a vegetable to find in every home in Sumba. Rumpu-rampe processed from cassava leaves, papaya leaves, papaya flower, and banana blossoms.

Sometimes rumpu-rampe mixed with anchovy so it’s more savory.

3. Daun Singkong tumbuk

Daun Singkong tumbuk

The end of three special Sumba foods from vegetables is daun singkong tumbuk. It is the cooking of pounded cassava leaves. The pounded cassava leaves boiled with rice and mixed with coconut milk.

Daun singkong tumbuk or the pounded cassava leaves eaten when it’s still warm.

Same with the other vegetables, daung singkong tumbuk is special food from Sumba because this island is tropical high.

Besides this is a healthy food, three special Sumba foods from vegetables is also a traditional food that you only find on Sumba.

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