Three NTT Foods from Corn, Enjoy Your Vacation

NTT Foods from Corn, – NTT is known as a region with a harsh tropical climate. Therefore, the area is considered suitable for corn farming. There are a lot of typical NTT foods from corn.

Actually there are various culinary derivatives from corn. Only, here we will see three processed foods typical of NTT from corn. These three foods are called typical of NTT because it is very rare to find in other areas.

Even if there is, there are other mixtures that cause the processed taste is not the same.

In the past, processed food from corn ingredients is the main food of the people of NTT. But lately these processed foods are no longer so daily consumption.

The people of NTT only eat these three foods at any given moment. According to you, this food suits you to make your friends during the holidays.

For NTT children who wander in various places, these three types of corn-based foods will always remind them of their hometown.

1. Jagung Katemak

Jagung Katemak khas Timor
Jagung katemak from Timor (Foto:

Jagung katemak is corn cooked with pumpkins, pumpkin shoots, and various other vegetables. But the vegetables here are vegetables grown in the garden.

Sometimes, there is also a mixture with papaya leaves. Although bitter but this is what makes “jagung katemak” more delicious.

2. Jagung Goreng

Jagung Goreng Timor
Jagung Goreng Timor

For Indonesian people, “jagung goreng” is a very common type of food and easy to find anywhere. But “jagung goreng” we mean here is not “jagung goreng” like that. “Jagung goreng” here is corn fried without oil.

Corn selected as a frying material is corn that is old. Therefore do not be surprised if corn is very hard fried.

In order to make it soft it must be soaked in water. Usually this fried corn is consumed by those who travel far into the gardens of agau pastors.

“Jagung goreng” is put in a bottle with water and a little salt. So on the way, when tired and hungry, they can eat this fried corn. If the thirst to drink from the water that made the marinade is soaked.

3. Kena Kita

Kena Kita
Kena Kita from Palue Island (Foto:

“Kena kita” is one of the corn-based foods from Sikka. Kena Kita is introduced by the people of Palue Island.

Palue Island people consume us as a substitute for rice. But the corn mixed in our food dish hit very little. What’s more is sweet potatoes and nuts.

This food is processed in such a way that it is soft and creamy like porridge. So for you who like breakfast, we can get your breakfast menu.

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