There Are Some Special Food From NTT, Example This Delicious Snacks

There Are Some Special Food From NTT, Example This Delicious Snacks, – Each region has its own special food, as well as East Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Timur/NTT) region. There are some special food from NTT that is suitable for your snacks and for souvenirs.

# Jawada or Kue Rambut

People in NTT calls this food Jawada. There is also a call for Kue Rambut because its texture is like dried fried rice noodles or curly hair.

Kue Rambut’s form is usually a triangle. This special food from NTT is made from rice flour, palm sugar, coconut milk, and nira.

Kue Rambut is suitable for you who like sweet because the taste of this food is sweet food. You can make Kue Rambut as a souvenir if you go to NTT area like Alor Island, Kupang.

# Manggulu
culinary of NTT

Another special food from NTT that has a sweet taste is Manggulu. Manggulu comes from the Sumba region, especially East Sumba.

This food is made from bananas, brown sugar, and peanuts. First, bananas are dried. Then the banana was smoothed and mixed with peanuts that have been mashed as well. Then the mixture of banana and peanut is wrapped in small pieces using dried banana leaves.

# Ubi Nuabosi
special food in NTT

Other typical culinary of NTT is tuber, cassava. People in NTT calls it Ubi Nuabosi. It is a favorite food especially in the area of Ende and Kupang.

This food have a soft texture, fewer fiber content, and fragrant. Ubi Nuabosi can be processed by way of boiled then eaten with fried sauce or salted fish. There are also people who cultivate these yams into salty, sweet, and spicy chips.

# Moke

You can also try this NTT culinary. Moke is a beverage derived from the palm tree. In NTT, there are two types of moke: white moke and black moke.

When drinking white moke, you can be mixed with brown sugar. If the black moke is a distillation of the white moke. The color of black moke is not black. Usually a black moke is served when a traditional party.

That’s some special food from NTT. You can eat them for snack and buy them for gifts to your family and friends. Not all NTT food or snacks can be found in all areas of NTT, but at least you can try to find and buy them if you visit Kupang, Alor, Sumba, Ende, and others.

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