Matoa Fruits, One Of Favorite Culinary From Papua

Matoa Fruits, One Of Favorite Culinary From Papua, – Matoa (Pometia pinnata) is a kind of fruit that grows in Papua. In the earth of Cendrawasih, Matoa grows in the forest; it is very rare to find Papuans planting Matoa. Matoa fruits is a favorite culinary from Papua.

Although living in the forest, Matoa is one of the culinary pride of the Papuan people. As we know, Papua has fertile soil and becomes a fertile ground for all kinds of plants.

The people said that everyone who comes to Papua should feel the fruit of matoa. Come in December, ahead of the rainy season. You must find many matoa there.

Like my experience, late 2017. I came to Jayapura, Papua, in the second week of December. On the way from Jayapura Airport, my sister say to me that I must to buy and eat the matoa fruit.

She said, Matoa fruit is one of the typical fruit of the people of Papua. “You have to try it”.

Matoa Fruits, favorite culinary from Papua
Matoa Fruits, favorite culinary from Papua (Foto: Parinseja)

By mothers Papua, this matoa fruit is sold on the roadside, along the Sentani highway to Waena city. But, in the morning the fruit of matoa is more sold in way of the entrance or exit airport.

The merchants by the side of the highway sell a bag of matoa for Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 150,000. They say that the size of a plastic bag is one kilogramme. But you know that it mostly less than a kilogramme.

While matoa sold at the entrance of the airport is weighed by the seller when we want to buy. So we also see if the size is correct one kilogramme or not.

Sweetness of fruit matoa almost similar to fruit “kelengkeng” more we find in the Java.

Most delicious fruit matoa eaten when we go to recreation. When relaxing on the beach or in the meadow, matoa fruits can be a friend for perfecting the taste was on the land of Papua.

Moreover, while eating the fruit matoa we looked at the Sentani Like. This is a beautiful moment that you can try it when you traveling to Jayapura.

The location of Sentani Lake is on the side of the main highway from Jayapura airport to Waena city. Many tourist destinations or a kind of rest area created by local communities along the shores of Lake Sentani and the main highway.

You can rest in there, enjoy the delicious matoa fruits while looking into the water of Sentani Lake.

Although many people think that the matoa fruits is a typical fruit of Papua, actually matoa fruit is also found in Maluku. However, most matoa trees live in eastern Indonesia.

So, if you come in Papua, don’t forget. You must eat matoa fruits, one of favorite culinary from Papua.

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