Let’s Taste Lawar Ikan, Special Culinary of NTT that Have Good Taste

Parinseja.com – East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is known as an area with beautiful scenery and beautiful tourist attractions that can be visited. There are Kolbano Beach, Pink Beach in Komodo Island, Tarimbang Beach Sumba and others.

Visiting areas in NTT and beautiful tourist attractions in NTT will not be complete without tasting special culinary of NTT. You already know what special food from NTT that you can enjoy when visiting NTT?

NTT has a number of unique and delicious food to taste. Especially for tourists, special culinary of NTT becomes a mandatory menu to eat.

There is daging se’i or meat that can be made from beef or pork. Any beef or pork is smoked meat cooked with firewood. Meat is not burned on firewood but only exposed to the heat of smoke. And the other special food from NTT is bose corn or jagung bose. This NTT food is a substitute for rice.

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special food from NTT
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A traveler can also taste the special culinary of NTT, called fish lawar or lawar ikan. You can find this special culinary of NTT when visiting Flores, Sumba, Timor, Rote, and Alor. Or people call it the area of Flobamora (Flores, Sumba, Timor, Rote, and Alor).

Lawar ikan is a special food of NTT made from small marine fish. Usually anchovy or sardine fish. To make lawar ikan is simple and easy. Clean the anchovy and give the lime juice. Or you can replace lime with vinegar.

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After that, cook anchovy with spices such as red onion, garlic, spring onions, basil leaves and salt and flavorings. Let stand until the fish is cooked.

Lawar ikan is a special culinary of NTT good to eat with hot rice. Are you sure you don’t want to taste this NTT food or other food from NTT?

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