Jagung Titi, One of The Culinary from East Flores. It’s Delicious and Crunchy

Jagung Titi, One of the Culinary from East Flores. It’s Delicious and Crunchy, Parinseja.com – The people of East Nusa Tenggara/Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) must be familiar with this food. Jagung Titi most famous culinary comes from East Flores Regency. It can be said to be a culinary icon from East Flores.

This corn is mainly found in Solor, Adonara, Alor, and Lembata. Have you tried Jagung Titi? This is a favorite snack. The taste of this snacks really delicious. It was tasty and the texture was crunchy.
jagung titi
This is one of the culinary from East Flores. (Photo: twitter.com/larasgoras)

Usually the people of NTT make this corn as a friend while drinking coffee or tea, serving Jagung Titi as a snack for guests. And people in East Flores also eat this corn with dishes and vegetables as breakfast. In addition, this corn can also be a snack to accompany your journey.

Why is this culinary called Jagung Titi? “Titi” means flattened or pounded. So, Jagung Titi is a snack made from corn that is flaked or pounded.

To make this snacks, we do not use regular corn on the market. This snack is made from white glutinous corn sticky with texture like sticky rice. This type of corn is a variant of local corn in NTT.

jagung titi
You must try Jagung Titi. (Photo: kupang.tribunnews.com)

The process of making Jagung Titi takes a long time. The first process of corn kernels is separated from the corncorb. Then the corn is roasted.

After roasted using a special pot or wok from the ground, the next process is to flake or pound the corn. People flatten corn using two stones: a flat-shaped rock as a pounding base and one smaller stone as a pestle.

jagung titi
People flatten corn using two stones. (Photo: doyanjagung.blogspot.co.id)

For corn pounding process requires special skills for Jagung Titi feels savory and crunchy.

The next process, people usually fry or roast corn into the oven. To be more tasty, people usually apply margarine first.

When you visit the area in East Flores, you can buy this one snack in the market. While relaxing, you can enjoy this meal and enjoy the beauty of East Flores. Do not forget to buy this corn as a souvenir for your family and friends.

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