Jagung Bose, Traditional Food From NTT Besides Daging Se’i

Jagung Bose, Traditional Food From NTT Besides Daging Se’i, Parinseja.com – In addition to having a wealth of culture and beautiful sights, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) also has a distinctive culinary. One of them is food from corn.

NTT is known as a corn producing area. There are various kinds of processed corn food. Like bose corn or jagung bose.

This corn is softened. Usually corn pounded with dimples to remove the outer shell of corn kernels. And when pounded, corn mixed with a little water.

Then the corn is sieved to remove the remaining skin. Furthermore corn is ready to be cooked.

Usually corn is cooked with red beans. That corn can also be mixed with pumpkins and peanuts. Do not forget coconut milk that can add savory taste of bose corn.

To cook jagung bose, takes a long time. Cooking this corn should use firewood. This makes the corn taste more delicious.

To cook jagung bose, first you boil water until boiling. And enter the red beans, leave to mature and tender. Then put corn and pumpkin into boiling water.

jagung bose
Jagung Bose (Foto: inirusti.blogspot.co.id)

After the ingredients are cooked, put the coconut milk and salt. Let the sauce and ingredients fuse. Once visible shrink and soft, the corn can be eaten.

Consuming this traditional food is also delicious with dried fish. The dried fish, torn into small pieces and then smeared with coconut oil, chili and lime.

You can eat this corn with fresh grilled fish. Or you can also eat this corn with daging se’i and sauté papaya flower or sauteed kale mix papaya flowers.

This corn has a carbohydrate content that can be a substitute for rice. So consuming this corn is filling as well.

NTT people usually serve jagung bose dishes during big event or celebrations. But some residents also make this dish at home.

Try tasting this jagung bose culinary. And feel the mix between corn, red beans and peanuts and delicious coconut milk.

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