Daging Sei Kupang The Best Culinary From Kupang, NTT

Daging Sei, The Best Culinary From Kupang, NTT, Parinseja.com – During ten years ago, daing se’i Kupang has become a typical food of Kupang, NTT. Many people from outside Kupang make daging sei as souvenirs while visiting Kupang. Or at least they eat it while in Kupang. There are stalls in certain areas that provide this local food.

In addition to delicious, they like to eat daging sei because the process of making it unique.

Daging sei can be directly eaten or can also be cooked together with red beans. Usually, when you come to the shop just choose between the two menus.

If you want to eat directly, daging sei will be served with rice and sauce. Sauce of daging sei is also a specially made sauce. Not all sauce, especially the factory sauce, tasty to eat with daging sei.

Therefore, if you buy it in Kupang will be directly given also with a typical sauce. Both are always a package, whether you eat at a stall or buy daging sei Kupang as souvenirs.

Making Process of Daging Sei

The basic ingredients of this typical Timor food are pork.

The maker will cut the pork by the size of approximately half a meter. Then he washed the meat clean. Uniquely, he did not give any spice to the meat. Kupang people believe that when mixed with the flavor of pork taste will change.

Then, the meat is placed in the halls about one meter high. Under the hall are very hot coals. Its function is to bake pork that is above the halls with the heat.

These daging sei makers avoid the flesh not to the embers, let alone the flame. So it should only be exposed to hot coals only.

The maker will let the pork roast to a fire until it is dry and cooked. After that, the meat is taken and ready to eat. But remember daging sei Kupang should be eaten together with the sauce Kupang.

Now, the makers daging sei Kupang has sent their processed products to several major cities such as Denpasar, Surabaya, Jakarta, Makassar and several other cities.

This makes daging sei more popular in various cities in Indonesia and become a favorite and distinctive food from Kupang.

In Jakarta, there are some stalls that try to provide this special Kupang food. For example, in Serpong there is Warung Ce. This shop also provides daging although its processed is different from processed in Kupang.

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