About Pasar Senggol Atambua, Traditional to Modern Culinary Center

Pasar Senggol Atambua, Parinseja.com –┬áIf you visit Atambua city, don’t forget to come to Pasar Senggol Atambua. In this market, you can taste various types of culinary.

At Pasar Senggol Atambua, traders sell a variety of foods, ranging from traditional food to modern food. Especially if you are a traveler and for the first time visiting Atambua, you must visit this market.

In Pasar Senggol, you can enjoy culinary delights. There are typical Atambua culinary, typical NTT culinary, and culinary from various regions outside NTT.

Usually, typical Atambua cuisine is made and served by native Atambua people or those from outside Atambua but have long lived in Atambua.

One of the local foods sold in this market is Akan Bilan. Akan Bilan is a typical food that is processed in the traditional way, namely the dough is baked on a furnace using a clay plate.

Akan Bilan Culinary from Atambua NTT
Akan Bilan Culinary from Atambua NTT (travel.detik.com)

Besides Akan Bilan, there are still other types of culinary that you can enjoy in Pasar Senggol Atambua. Its location in the city center makes it easy for visitors to access.

After all, Pasar Senggol Atambua is already very well known among the Atambua people. So if you want to visit there you can ask the residents around Atambua.

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You must note that Pasar Senggol Atambua is open 24 hours. But, usually it will be more crowded in the afternoon until night. The tourists who spend the night in the city of Atambua usually choose this place to enjoy the aura of the city of Atambua at night.

Moreover, when there are big events such as the anniversary of the city of Atambua, this market is very much visited by fans of culinary tourism.

So, you can enter Pasar Senggol Atambua in the list of culinary attractions if you are in the city of Atambua.

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