Watotena Beach Adonara, One of Hidden Paradise in NTT

Watotena Beach Adonara, One of Hidden Paradise in NTT, Parinseja.com – Have you ever heard of the name Watotena Beach? This beach is known as one of the hidden paradise in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

Adonara is an island in the eastern tip of Indonesia. This area belongs to East Flores Regency adjacent to Lembata Regency. Adonara has a fascinating natural beauty, one of them is Watotena Beach.

This beach is located in Nelerereng Village, District Ileboleng, East Adonara, East Flores. To get to this beach, traveler can use a motor boat from Larantuka to Terong Pier or Waiwerang Harbor on Adonara Island.

beautiful beach in adonara
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Watotena Beach is six kilometers from Waiwerang Harbor or about 30 minutes. If the total time travel from Port Larantuka to Watotena Beach about three hours.

The name of this beach is actually Neren Watotena. But the local community used to call it Watotena only. So that tourists know him by the name of Watotena.

The name Watotena means boat of stone or rock shaped boat. There is a black rock (magma rock) shaped like a boat. The existence of this magma rock becomes one of the attractions of this beach.

hidden paradise in Adonara
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People suspect that the magma rock in the lips of Watotena Beach derived from the eruption of the mountain. There are also stories from local residents who say there are certain magma rocks there that are ships that once washed up and have been petrified. But there is no definitive source about it.

Watotena Beach has clean white sand and sea water graded green blue. From this beach, traveler can see Lembata Island, Solor Island, and Mount Ile Boleng.

Tourists feel at home for a long time at this beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery in there. Do not forget to set up your camera or smartphone camera to capture your beautiful moments in this tourist spot.

One of the hidden paradise in NTT also has instagramable spots. Traveler can take pictures on the black rock while enjoying the waves. So, when will you go to Watotena Beach?

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