Wair Nokerua Beach, Maumere, This Beach Can Be Your Tourist Destination

Wair Nokerua Beach, Maumere, This Beach Can Be Your Tourist Destination, Parinseja.com – For a traveler who wants to explore Eastern Indonesia, Maumere-NTT can be one of your tourist destinations. There are a number of tourist attraction in Maumere that have beautiful views.

One of them is Wair Nokerua Beach, a beautiful beach in Maumere. You must visit this tourist attraction when you visit Maumere or Sikka.

From the city of Maumere, a traveler can walk along the trans-north country road in Flores using public transportation, cars, or motorbikes to get to Wair Nokerua Beach. After arriving at Nangarasong Hamlet, Kolisia Village, Magepanda Subdistrict, the traveler will walk along the path about 450 meters to the north.

The trail will lead to the entrance to Wair Nokerua Beach. This beach has a wide expanse of white sand.

beautiful beach in Maumere
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On Wair Nokerua Beach there are sturdy cliffs that protect the beach. At the foot of the cliff is a small cave where water flows on rocks.

There is a developing story in the community about Wair Nokerua Beach. Local people believe Wair Nokerua is a symbol of the arrival of Saint Francis Xavier in Maumere. In 1546, St. Francis Xavier passed the sea of Flores.

Because of running out of drinking water, he headed to mainland Flores in search of drinking water. Arriving at Nangarasong Beach, no water was found. The place is arid, there are no springs.

Then, St. Francis Xavier prayed and hit his stick to the rock. And water came from the rock. The water flows throughout the year until now.

The story of St. Francis Xavier is trusted by the local community. People call it Wair Nokerua. Wair means water and Nokerua means priest or saint.

A traveler who visits Wair Nokerua Beach can enjoy beautiful beach and religious tourism. On this beach, a traveler can also enjoy beautiful sunset views.

So, don’t forget to enter the Wair Nokerua Beach into your tourist destination list.

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