Visiting Exotic Stone Cliffs and Beautiful Beaches on Sabu Island

Visiting Exotic Stone Cliffs and Beautiful Beaches on Sabu Island, – Have you ever heard of the name of Sabu Island and know where the island is located? Sabu Island is one of the beautiful islands in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The island is located in Sabu Raijua District, NTT. This district is formed from the division of Kupang Regency.

Sabu Island has various tourist attractions that can be visited. The island offers beautiful natural scenery and beautiful beaches.

If tourists want to visit Sabu Island, you can take the ferry from Bolok Port in Kupang to Sabu Port. This journey takes about 14 hours.

In addition through the sea, tourists can also use the air route. Tourists can take a plane from El Tari Airport, Kupang to Tardamu Airport, Sabu. Travel by plane about an hour.

Once arrived at Sabu Island, you don’t have to worry about accommodation. The island provides a variety of lodging places such as hotels, villas or resorts.

On Sabu Island, tourists can visit some tourist attractions. What are interesting places to visit?

# Kelebba Maja
Sabu Island
Kelabba Maja, rock cliff in Sabu. (Photo:

Kelebba Maja is located in Sabu Mesara Sub-district, Sabu Raijua Regency. To reach this place, tourists can find a tour guide who can show this beautiful place. Tourists can use a motorcycle to get this place. We recommend that tourists leave in the morning and go home before dark.

Kelebba Maja is a naturally formed rock cliff. This rock cliff has beautiful colors. Travelers from domestic and from abroad often choose this place to travel.

# Napae Beach
Napae Beach
The beautiful sunset in Napae Beach, Sabu. (Photo:

Another tourist place to visit is Napae Beach. This beach is located in the District of West Sabu. This beach is close to Seba Sea Port and Tardamu Airport.

Napae Beach has clean white sand and crystal clear sea water tosca. Tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset on this beach. There are gazebos on this beach as a resting place for tourists.

# Seba Beach
Sabu Island
Seba Beach. (Photo:

Other beaches on Sabu Island are Seba Beach. It’s close to Napae Beach. This beach is about two kilometers from the capital District Seba.

This beach has clean white sand and clear sea water. Tourists can swim, walk along the beach, sunbathing, doing diving or snorkeling.

# Cave of Liemadira
Liemadira Cave
Tourists visit Liemadira Cave in Sabu Island. (Photo:

Other tourist attractions that can be visited by tourists in Sabu Island is Liemadira Cave. This cave is located 10 Kilometers from the town of Seba. This cave is located in Hawo Mehara District.

Inside the cave there is a pond that is watery clear. Many visitors use this pool for swimming and refreshing.

# Rai Mea Beach
Sabu Island
Rai Mea Beach in Sabu Island. (Photo:

Rai Mea Beach in Loborai Village, East Sabu District can also be visited. This beach is not far from Seba Beach.

This beach has white sand and has cliffs that seem to fortify the beach. This adds the beauty of the scenery on this beach.

# Bollow Beach
Sabu Island
Bollow Beach in Sabu Island. (Photo:

On Sabu Island, tourists can also visit Bollow Beach. This beach is located in East Sabu District.

On this beach, tourists can do swimming activities, sunbathing, and diving if you bring snorkeling equipment. Tourists can enjoy the underwater natural beauty in there. Also on this beach there is also a lot of pearl production.

Well you are interested to visit Sabu Island? Come take your family and friends to explore this island and enjoy the beauty of nature there.

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