Visiting Crocodile Island Alor or Pulau Buaya-NTT. Is There Many Crocodiles?

Visiting Crocodile Island Alor or Pulau Buaya-NTT. Is There Many Crocodiles?, – When you hear the name Crocodile Island Alor, what are you thinking? Maybe there are so many crocodiles that the island is called Crocodile Island or Pulau Buaya?

Apparently not because of many crocodiles, the name of this island Crocodile Island. The island of Alor district is named Crocodile Island or Pulau Buaya because of the shape of the island that resembles a sleeping crocodile.

Crocodile Island Alor, or Pulau Buaya Alor, NTT can be one of the tourist destinations you choose. Tourists do not need to worry there are crocodiles in there.

To visit Pulau Buaya Alor, tourists must go to Kalabahi, the capital of Alor Regency. From Kalabahi, tourists can continue the trip by public transportation, or rent a motorcycle or car to Baolang Village. There is a beach that is Baolang Beach.

Baolang Beach is about 20 Km from Kalabahi City or about 30 minutes by motor vehicle. From Baolang Beach, tourists can cross to Pulau Buaya Alor by hiring fishing boats. The time it takes to cross from Baolang Beach to Pulau Buaya Alor is about 20-30 minutes.

Pulau Buaya Alor

On Crocodile Island, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beach with white sand and long coastline. The degradation of blue toska from the sea water in there adds to the beauty of the beach on Crocodile Island. For those of you who love to dive, there are beautiful spot for divers. You can enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and underwater world.

Tourists can also fish and swim in the sea when visiting Crocodile Island. When visiting this island, do not miss the beautiful scenery after dawn. You can enjoy the morning with the silhouette of Alor Island from the edge of the village on Crocodile Island.

Crocodile Island or Pulau Buaya has an area of about 10 Ha. The people of Crocodile Island Alor are Muslim. Unlike other people in other islands in NTT who are mostly Catholic or Christian.

Crocodile Island Alor has no fresh water source. The inhabitants there must cross to the next island to take fresh water. March 2018, the government promised to make a well drill so that the needs of freshwater population of Crocodile Island can be met.

The majority of the population there work as fishermen and farmers. While the mothers in there became Alor woven craftsmen. When you visit this island, you can buy Alor woven fabric as a souvenir.

So when are you going to Crocodile Island Alor? Prepare a long vacation to visit this tourist attraction in Alor and explore the other tourist attraction of NTT.

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