Tarimbang Beach, One of The Best Place to Surfing

Tarimbang beach, one of the best place to surfing, Parinseja.com – The beauty of Tarimbang beach maybe rarely heard for lovers of traveling. Perhaps because of its location very far from Jakarta, so rarely reachable by the people.

This time parinseja.com will share the story about the beauty of Tarimbang beach. Although the location is a bit away from the city’s settlements, this beach has incredible beauty.

Tarimbang Beach is one of the best tours on the island of Sumba. It’s said one, because on the island of Sumba, there are still other beautiful tours that are also very interesting to visit.

To reach Tarimbang beach tour, definitely you have to visit the island of Sumba in Nusa Tenggara Timur. This beach is located in District Tabundung, East Sumba Regency.

From Waingapu city to this beach location takes approximately more or less 4 hours travel.

Texture travel to this tourist site is sometimes good and also sometimes slightly damaged. Understandably, still far from the reach of the Indonesian government.

Travel to Tarimbang Beach
Access To The Tarimbang Beach, Sumba (Foto : www.indonesiakaya.com)

One difficulty you will have if you want to visit this place is the problem of public transportation. In this place there is only one public transport car and it spends quite a bit of time. So, more advisable to use a rental car that you can get in the Waingapu city.

The uniqueness of this beach is to have nine roll waves streak. This beach maybe less popular among the people of Indonesia, but he is well known by the surfers.

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Many foreign tours who visit this beach to enjoy the beauty of surfing. Surfing accompanied by of beautiful waves, will add your spirit to surf.

Travel to Tarimbang Beach
Surfing in Tarimbang Beach (Foto : www.indonesiakaya.com)

And then, if your surfing surrounded by the nine waves that this beach has, it will further your adrenaline rush to surf in this place.

Near Tarimbang beach , already available places to rent surfboards, for those who want to surf. But for those who do not like surfing, you can enjoy the sunset on this beach.

The dusk at this beach is not blocked by anything. So you will freely enjoy the dusk carving out its beauty in the afternoon.

Travel to Tarimbang Beach
Dusk in Tarimbang beach (Foto : Instagram.com/astrellachen)

Many visitors enjoy their moments at Tarimbang beach by swimming and relaxing on the coast. And which is even more beautiful, spot to take a photo on this beach is very beautiful. Very guaranteed, your journey will not be in vain.

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