Take A Look At Tanjung Bastian Beach. The Most Beautiful Beaches, Of Kupang-Nusa Tenggara Timur

Take A Look At Tanjung Bastian Beach. The Most Beautiful Beaches, Of Kupang-Nusa Tenggara Timur, Parinseja.com – East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has many beach resorts that aren’t yet publicly known.

One of the pristine beaches is Tanjung Bastian beach. The beauty of this beach hasn’t been visited by many tourists.

There may be some tourists already visited there. However, until now the name of this beach is still foreign in some peoples in Indonesia.

Tanjung Bastian Beach has a million beauty that will accompany your trip. The beach located in Wini, TTU district (North Central Timor), resembles Kuta beach on the island of Bali.

The location of this beach is far from the capital center of TTU regency, Kefamenanu. The distance from Kefamenanu city to Tanjung Bastian beach takes 1.5 hours. For travelers outside NTT, who want to visit this place, the first city access you have to pass is Kupang.

From Kupang, you can use the bus to Kefamenanu Town. If you are already in Kefamenanu city, you can rent a car to go to Tanjung Bastian beach.

There are several points of beauty from Tanjung Bastian beach. You should know, including:

# Beautiful White Sand

Tanjung Bastian Beach in TTU
Beautiful White Sand off Tanjung Bastian in TTU (Foto : www.okezone.com)

The beauty of Tanjung Bastian beach is really still natural. Not touched the garbage that accumulate because the local people still maintain cleanliness in this coastal area.

Along the coastline, you don’t just see the beautiful white sand. There are also small white and black rocks with distinctive features that can only be found on this beach.

# Overlay of Mountains and Green Plants

When walking along the white sand on the beach, take a moment to take a look around this beach. You will see the mountain and the green plants that surround this beach.

Tanjung Bastian Beach in TTU
Mountain and the green plants on Tanjung Bastian beach (Foto : Facebook.com/tanjungbastian)

It’s so beautiful. Green plants are still very natural and add to the beautiful atmosphere of this beach.

# Beautiful Sea Colors and Blue Clouds

For blue sea lovers, then this is the right place for you to stand. The blue color of seawater on the coast of Tanjung Bastian is still natural.

Tanjung Bastian Beach in TTU
Beautiful sea colors and blue clouds in Tanjung Bastian Beach (Foto : okezone.com)

No garbage is scattered on the surface of the water. The blue sea water and crystal clear attract the attention of visitors to just play the water while looking at the beauty of this beach.

# Twilight

The last part is the twilight. For photography lovers who want to capture the twilight moments, this place can be your best choice.

In the afternoon, Tanjung Bastian incised a beautiful scenery of dusk. You can enjoy the dusk from behind the trees on the beach. Or you can also watch the twilight while sitting mingling on the coast.

Tanjung Bastian Beach in TTU
Twilight in Tanjung Bastian Beach(Foto : facebook.com/tanjungbastian)

The important thing is, don’t forget to capture all your beautiful moments through your camera. Team Parinseja guarantees that your vacation to the coast of Tanjung Bastian will not be a disappointment. Tanjung Bastian is a twin from Kuta beach.

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