Ria Beach, The Favorite Tourist Atraction in Ende, Flores Island

Ria Beach, A Favorite Tourist Attraction in the City of Ende, Parinseja.com – Have you known Ria beach? If not, then this time I will tell you about how beautiful this place is.

Ria Beach is one of the beaches located in the center of city. Also, the tourist attraction isn’t far from the H. Hasan Aroeboesman airport Ende. So, to find Ria beach is not too difficult. You can use the google map to guide you to get there.

During this time, maybe you already know about Kelimutu lake in Ende. This lake is very well known by tourists. But on the other hand, there is also the Ria beach which is a favorite place for travelers who have been there.

Based on the stories of Indonesian travelers, the best thing you can get from this tour is sunset. It is the characteristic owned by the Ria beach.

Ria beach in Ende city - Flores island, East Nusa Tenggara.
Sunset at Ria beach (Photo : Instagram.com/armanmberu)

We recommend you visit here in the afternoon, so you can get cool moments can be captured with your camera. Another thing that can be enjoyed here is, watching the activities of fishermen in the afternoon like; rowing canoe, fishing, etc.

In addition to fishing activities, teenagers around the Ria beach usually use coastal areas to play soccer or just bathe in the sea.

The best beach in Ende city - Flores island, East Nusa Tenggara.
View of Ria beach (Photo : Instagram.com/_dhania90)

Another advantage of this beach is view of Ria beach is not only enjoyed in the afternoon just like some other beaches in East Nusa Tenggara but, can also be enjoyed at night.

The concept of this place is outdoor place. So at night we can hang out or just relax with the people closest to us in several cafes around there. For the travel couples, you can visit cafes around Ria beach to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach at night accompanied by a romantic feel.

Traveling to Ria beach in Ende Flores Island
The outdoor concept in area of Ria beach (Photo : Instagram.com/diiahekaa)

About the arrangement of cafes around the beach isn’t as good as Kuta beach on Bali island. At Ria beach, the arrangement of the place is very simple and traditional.

Many snacks are typical of Ende and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) in general, which are available in a number of cafes there. This is certainly interesting for tourists because that’s where we try typical foods from an area.

Articles about traditional food in Ende, we will make it in the next article. So … get ready to visit the city of Ende to see how beautiful the Ria beach is.

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