Let’s Go To Oebali Beach Kupang, You Can See Beautiful Sunset and Seagull In This Tourist Attraction

Let’s Go To Oebali Beach Kupang, You Can See Beautiful Sunset and Seagull In This Tourist Attraction, Parinseja.com – If you want to enjoy the beauty of the beach and see seagulls, visiting Oebali Beach Kupang can be your choice when visiting Kupang, NTT. This beach is one of the beautiful tourist attractions in Kupang.

Actually the name of this beach is Batu Burung Beach. Named of Batu Burung Beach because there are many rocks and seagulls perched on top of rocks, on the beach. However, local people are more familiar with the name Oebali Beach Kupang rather than Batu Burung Beach.

This beach has two different sides. In one side of this beach, there are stones from small to large. This stones are often used as an object of photos by visitors.

batu burung beach
(Photo: ariantosntt.blogspot.com)

In addition, on a rock hill on the beach there are three crosses established by local peoples. Three crosses became the icon of Oebali Beach Kupang.

While on the other hand of this beach, stretches of brown sand adorn the beach. Brown Sand in this beach similir with sand in Lasiana Beach.

Oebali Beach Kupang is not too far from the City of Kupang. Its makes this tourist attractions in Kupang often become tourist destinations for many people. Travelers from Kupang City only need to travel 1 hour 30 minutes to go to Oebali Beach Kupang.

oebali beach kupang
(Photo: instagram.com/nttadventure)

Road access to Oebali Beach is still damaged, perforated, rocky soil and damaged asphalt roads. A traveler should use a motorbike or car to come to Oebali Beach.

Besides being able to see many seagulls, especially in the morning and evening, a traveler can enjoy the beautiful sunset on Oebali Beach Kupang. Don’t forget to capture this moment with your camera. And you can take pictures on the beach and rocks on this beach.

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