Mandorak Beach: A Hidden Paradise on Sumba Island

Mandorak Beach: A Hidden Paradise on Sumba Island, – Sumba Island is one of the islands in East Nusa Tenggara which has many interesting and beautiful tourist attraction. One of them is Mandorak Beach. This beach has clean white sand and sparkling like a pearl.

Where is this beach? Mandorak Beach is located in Pero Batang Village, Kodi District, West Sumba Regency. The beach is about 50 Kilometers from Weetebula Town, the capital of West Sumba.

If you get off at Tambolaka Airport, tourists must travel about one hour to Pero Batang Village. The name of this village is familiar to foreign tourists, especially those who like to surf.

Mandorak Beach
Tourists visiting Mandorak Beach. (Photo: instagram,com/@nttadventure)

From the village of Pero Batang, tourists take 30 minutes before arriving at Mandorak Beach. Tourists can use a car or motorbike. Then tourists must walk about 1 Kilometer to reach this beach.

Mandorak Beach is not a large beach. This beach only has a width of 50 meters. The location of this beach behind a steep cliff. And the coral reef surrounds along the coast.

Although not extensive, but this beach has beautiful scenery. In addition to pearly white sand such as pearls, clear blue sea water and high cliffs of rocks make this place so exotic.

The quiet atmosphere still surrounds the beach. This is because not many travelers know this place. For tourists who want to find quiet, peace, and enjoy the beauty of nature, this beach becomes the right tourist destination.

Mandorak Beach
The cliffs at Mandorak Beach, Sumba Island. (Photo:
In Mandorak Beach, tourists can do various activities to spend their holidays. The activities are play sand, enjoy the beautiful scenery, sunbathing, surfing, and also diving. Foreign surfers often visit this beach to surf and enjoy its natural beauty.

For you who want to do prewedding photos, this beach can be your choice. This beach exoticism can add romance between you and your partner.

Well, what are you waiting for? Before the turn of the year, let’s plan your vacation and explore Eastern Indonesia. Or may be you want to celebrate your new year by visiting Sumba Island as your destination. Don’t forget to visit Mandorak Beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery in there.

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