The 4 Best Things to do in Kefamenanu, East Nusa Tenggara

The 4 Best Things to do in Kefamenanu ( NTT), – Kefamenanu is one of the cities who located in East Nusa Tenggara. It is not far from Kupang City. Kupang is the capital of the province of East Nusa Tenggara.

In Kefamenanu, one of the most popular tourist attraction is Tanjung Bastian beach. But that is not the only one.

Aside from Tanjung Bastian beach, there are 4 list tourist attraction that must be visited by tourists. You must visit it if you travel to East Nusa Tenggara.

1. Tanjung Bastian beach

Tanjung Bastian beach is one of the most iconic tourist spots in Kefamenanu, North Central Timor and is often visited by local people.

The beach located in Wini, Kelurahan Humusu C, subdistrict Insana Utara. Access from Kefamenanu city to this location is quite far.

tourist attraction in Kefamenanu
Sunset at Tanjung Bastian beach (Photo :

For travelers which  want travel to Tanjung Bastian, you must rent a car or motorcycle in the center city of Kefamenanu. For your safety, we recommend using a car because from Kefamenanu to the beach is really far away.

Tanjung Bastian beach has a beautiful sunset charm. In afternoon, local people come to the beach just to saw the beautiful sunset. Just sitting under the trees and watch sunset is the best moment in there.

In addition to the sunset view, Tanjung Bastian is also rich in white sand and the color of the sea water is very blue and natural.

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2. Oesoko beach

Moving from Tanjung Bastian beach, we turn to Oesoko beach. Oesoko Beach is located in North Insana District, North Central Timor.

This beach is located not far from Tanjung Bastian beach. Based on sharing from friends, Oesoko beach is close with Tanjung Bastian beach. From Tanjung Bastian to Oesoko beach just only takes about 10 minutes by motorcycle.

The view of Oesoko beach is not much different from Tanjung Bastian beach. But, near this beach there is a small hill.

tourist attraction in Kefamenanu

View Oesoko beach (Photo : Instagram.copm/nttadventure)We can enjoy the whole beauty of Oesoko beach from this hill. And, you can also use this hill as a spot photo. Believe me, this beach scene is very beautiful.

3. Wini beach

Wini Beach is also located in North Insana District, North Central Timor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The Regency’s capital is in Kefamenanu. From the city of Kefamenanu district, the distance is around 65 km.

Wini Beach is a beach overlooking the Timor Sea. The white sand and rocks that are still colorful make the beauty of this beach so felt.

List tourist attraction in Kefamenanu
Sunset at Wini beach (Photo :

Near the beach there is a market that specializes in selling fresh fish. Usually, tourists buy fresh fish to be burned and immediately eaten with rice while enjoying the view of beach.

List tourist attraction in Kefamenanu
Wini beach view (Photo :

4. Tuamese hill

Tuamese tourist attraction are one of the most hits on Kefamenanu right now. Tuamese Hill is located in the Biboki Anleu district, North Central Timor, East Nusa Tenggara province.

List tourist attraction in Kefamenanu
Tuamese Hill at Tuamese village (Photo : abang_supardin)

At first glance, Tuamese hill looks like a tour of Padar island on Flores island. Rows of small hills become the main icon of this tourist spot. Under the hills there are several small lakes.

These small lakes are surrounded by rows of small hills. So if we stand on a hill we can see the lake from a distance.

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It is the 4th most popular tourist attraction in Kefamenanu. If you want to go there, you can rent a car at Faiz Car Rental in Kefamenanu.

The rental is located at Toko Sinar Matahari (in front of the Kefamenanu Bus Terminal) or you can call: 085239456312 for the information.

To find out more information about other tourist attractions in East Nusa Tenggara, you can follow our Instagram account at @nttadventure.

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