Kolbano Beach, Beautiful Beach with Colorful Stone

Kolbano Beach, Beautiful Beach with Colorful Stone, Parinseja.com – Indonesian region  has beaches with beautiful and exotic landscapes. One of the beach is Kolbano Beach.

It is in Kolbano Village, South Central Timor District (TTS), Kupang-East Nusa Tenggara. Unlike other beaches that have a stretch of sand, this beach is decorated with beautiful colorful stones.

The location of this beach is to the south of Timor Island. The distance is about 90 Kilometers from TTS and 135 Kilometers from Kupang City.

To reach this beach, visitors take 3 hours from Kupang City. But don’t worry, this fatigue will be erased with beautiful scenery and exotic beaches.

And when departing from Kupang City, visitors will pass Noelmina bridge. It is located on the border of Kupang District and South Central Timor District. This bridge passes through the flow of Noelmina River as wide as 240 meters.

Kolbano Beach
Kolbano Beach. (Foto: ttskab.go.id)
Arriving at Kolbano Beach, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery. The colorful stones decorate this beach. These stones have a variety of colors and shapes. Such as red, yellow, green, black, white. There are even stones that have three colors namely red, black, and beige.

In addition to the beauty of colorful rocks that adorn the beach, blue sky and sea water scenery is also really beautiful. Visitors can also enjoy the sunset and sunrise in the same place. This is one of Kolbano Beach’s uniqueness.

Another beautiful charm is the highlight of Fatu Un. From a distance, this stone resembles a lion’s head as high as more than 50 meters. When you see Fatu Un, it means that visitors are close to Kolbano Beach.

Kolbano Beach
Enjoy the beautiful of Kolbano Beach. (Foto: indonesiakaya.com)

Visitors can climb the top of Fatu Un. At the peak, visitors can enjoy the beauty of Kolbano Beach. The scenery is really beautiful and amazing.

Famous for its breathtaking scenery and colorful stones, this beach also has a “mite” or story that is considered to be true and holy. Mite Bi Kabin, local people believe it.

There was a girl named Bi Kabin who married the King of the Sea Na ‘Besimnasi (Crocodile). It is said that in order to preserve nature and kinship with Na ‘Besimnasi, the family of Bi Kabin and local people perform certain annual rituals at Kolbano Beach.

As a thank you King of the Sea, Kolbano Beach is always overflowing the wealth of fish that are easily captured without damaging the beach.

Hopefully the preservation of nature and the beauty of this beach can be maintained. So that future generations can also enjoy this natural beauty.

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