Koka Beach, The Beach with Soft White Sand in Maumere

Koka Beach, The Beach with Soft White Sand in Maumere, Parinseja.com – Koka Beach or Paga Beach is one of the beautiful beach in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). This beach is located in Wolowiro Village, Paga District, Sikka Regency, NTT.

To reach this beach, tourists must travel about 48 Kilometers from Maumere City. If you board the plane and get off at Frans Seda Airport, Maumere, you can continue your journey by travel to Paga Beach. Or you can also take a bus to Ende and get off at Paga.

Koka Beach
Koka Beach, the beautiful beach in Maumere. (Photo: lostpacker.com)

Koka Beach has clean white sand and is lined by coral cliffs. This beach also appears to have two small bays that are bordered by large rocks.

This beach like a hidden paradise in Maumere. Not so many tourists from outside the area who know the existence of this beach. But for the people around Maumere, this beach is a favorite destination.

The waves on this beach are great. But do not worry because this is safe for tourists who want to swim.

In addition to swimming, tourists can enjoy the beautiful view at Koka Beach while walking on the soft white sand. The white sand at Koka Beach is so smooth. So if tourists walk along the beach, the sand feels so soft touching the feet.
Paga Beach
Tourist walking at white sand in Koka Beach, Maumere. (Photo: yukpiknik.com)

Walking on white sand becomes one of the favorite activities of tourists visiting this beach. Especially if walking along the beach while enjoying the beauty of the sunset.

The tourists who love snorkeling can also do this on that beach. Visitors can see the coral reefs and various types of fish that become the wealth of the sea there. The beautiful colors of the fish that live there are so fascinating.

Koka Beach
Koka Beach or Paga Beach has soft white sand. (Photo: lostpacker.com)

What else can tourists do when visiting Koka Beach? For tourists who have a hobby of surfing, this beach becomes one option tourism destination. The waves on this beach can reach a height of 1.5 meters.

When visiting Koka Beach, tourists should bring their own supplies. Because almost no traders who sell on this beach. For tourists who want to stay, there are hotels or motels near this beach.

Well, what are you waiting for? Koka Beach can be your destination before the turn of the year, friend. For those from outside Flores, book your airline ticket immediately, before running out. Visiting East Indonesia can be your destination holiday before the end of the year.

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