Inaoe Beach is Located Behind The Hills in South Rote, NTT

Inaoe Beach is Located Behind The Hills in South Rote, NTT, – Inaoe Beach, people and tourists call this beach. Inaoe Beach is located in South Rote, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

This beach call Inaoe Beach because it is located in Inaoe Village, South Rote District, Rote Ndao District. The other name of this beach is Tolanamon Beach.

From the capital of Rote Ndao regency, Ba’a city, tourists can rent a vehicle to get to this beach. Tourists must travel about 30 Kilometers or about 45 minutes.

To reach this beach there is no signboard that helps tourists. So you must be careful if you do not want to get lost or misdirect. Tourists can ask the people around if you have difficulty getting directions to go to Inaoe Beach.

Inaoe Beach
Tourists visit Inaoe Beach. (Photo:

The location of this beach hidden in a bay that jutted away to the mainland. Little hills surround this beach and seem to hide the natural beauty of the outside world.

This beach has white sand and clear sea water. The sea water has a graded color from toska green on the beach to dark blue in the loose seas.

At Inaoe Beach or Tolanamon Beach, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery and play or walk on the white sand. In addition, tourists can fishing in there.

Tolanamon Beach
The other name of Inaoe Beach is Tolanamon Beach. (Photo:

Usually, on weekends and holidays, a number of people fishing in there. Some are deliberately bringing tents to stay or rest while waiting for the fish to eat the bait that they throw. There are also those who choose to lie down or sit hanging legs on the edge of the reef while stretching out the strings.

When tourists visit Inaoe Beach, do not forget to bring food and drinks. Because the location of this beach is quite far from the village residents. Along the way to the beach is also no food stalls. So, travelers should prepare food and drink to be brought to this beach.

While relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the beach, tourists can eat food and drinks. Do not forget to take a picture together in there guys.

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