Hunting Tenun Ikat Fabric in Ternate Island Alor, One of Beautiful Place in NTT

Hunting Tenun Ikat Fabric in Ternate Island Alor, One of Beautiful Place in NTT, – When we hear of Ternate, our thoughts will probably go directly to Maluku. Yes Ternate is in Maluku. But there are also Ternate Island Alor guys.

Ternate Island Alor is one of the beautiful place in Alor especially and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) generally. This island could be your choice to spend the holidays. It’s one of beautiful island in Alor.

Ternate Island Alor has four villages namely Umapura Village, Bogakele Village, Biatabang Village, and Abangbul Village. People in this island are mostly livelihood as fishermen and craftsman of NTT woven fabric.

Tenun Ikat from Ternate Island Alor
In addition to the beauty of the island and the sea, tourists also recognize the Ternate Island Alor as a region of typical tenun ikat fabric of NTT. The people of this island use natural weaving dyes from plants and sea creatures.

At the back or side of the house in Ternate Island, tourists will see the woven fabrics are being dried. This woven fabric has beautiful colors that captivate the heart.

Motif fabric woven community made in Ternate Island Alor vary. There are elephant motifs, turtles, squid, fish, sea cucumbers, and others. Tourists who come to the island of Ternate can buy direct traditional woven fabrics from the craftsmen there. This souvenir seems to be mandatory when visiting the island of Ternate.

Tenun Ikat Fabric from NTT

To get to the Ternate Island Alor, from the city of Kalabahi capital Alor district, tourists can use otho majors Kokar. This journey takes about 45 minutes.

Then the tourists must cross to the island of Ternate with travel time about 20 minutes. From the pier of Ternate Island, tourists walk about 10 minutes to get there.

For tourists who come from outside NTT, can use the plane and get off at Kupang. From Kupang, tourists must continue the journey by plane to Alor.

So, are you interested in spending holidays on Ternate Island Alor? When will you go there?


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