Hunting Sunset in Tiang Bendera Beach Rote Island, Its the Right Choice

Hunting Sunset in Tiang Bendera Beach Rote Island, Its the Right Choice, – Rote, NTT has several beautiful beach tourism that can be a tourist destination for travelers. For you who want to hunt for the sunset, it is best to visit the Tiang Bendera Beach Rote. This is the best place to enjoy the sunset.

To reach Rote Island from Kupang, a traveler can use a plane from El Tari Kupang Airport to Lekunik Rote Airport. Or if a traveler wants to travel via sea can use the ferry and speed boat.

Traveling by ferry can be reached from the Port of Bolok Kupang to the Pantai Baru Port of Rote Ndao. It takes about 3-4 hours. While by speed boat from Tenau Kupang Harbor to Pantai Baru Harbor are around 1.5-2 hours.

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From Pantai Baru Harbor, the traveler continues to travel to Ba’a City for around 45 minutes. After that the traveler can use the motorcycle taxi to Tiang Bendera Beach about 30 minutes.

Tiang Bendera Beach is located in Baadale, Lobalain, Rote Ndao District. Tiang Bendera Beach is a cluster of coral which is 500 meters from the lips of Baadale Beach.

The name of the beach Tiang Bendera sounds unique to the ear. But don’t imagine there is an iron flag pole in there. The name of the “tiang bendera (flagpole)” is related to the struggle of the Rote people to expel the Dutch colonizers.

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Above the rock in the middle of the sea there is a 2.5 meter high concrete monument built by the Dutch. People said the pole was a marker of the Dutch colony. Because of that the name of the beach is Tiang Bendera Beach.

A traveler can climb the cliff where the concrete pillar is located. But be careful and use footwear. Because the rocks in there are very sharp. If sea water is receding, a traveler can enter the rocky caves found in his coral cluster.

Tiang Bendera Beach is famous for its beautiful sunset views. For travelers who love sunset, it’s right to come to this beautiful beach in Rote.

You can enjoy the charm of the sunset with the background of coral clusters. There are lopo-lopo or bale-bale / gazebo that travelers can use to sit back and enjoy the sunset. Usually in the afternoon many young men and women come to this beach to see beautiful sunset.

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