Explore Watu Bela Beach West Sumba, One of the Exoticism of Eastern Indonesia

Watu Bela Beach West Sumba, Parinseja.com – Talking about the charm of Eastern Indonesia as if it is endless. Eastern Indonesia has many beautiful tourist attractions that can be your destination. One of them is Sumba, NTT.

There is one beautiful beach in West Sumba, Watu Bela Beach. This beach is not spacious, only about two hundred meters with white sand and sturdy cliffs surrounding it. This cliff line is like a fortress that protects the beach.

Watu Bela Beach is located in Patiala Bawa Village, Lamboya District, West Sumba Regency. The trip to the beach is about one and a half hours from the city of Waikabubak or around 50 Km. Travelers can use a rental car or take a motorcycle taxi to Watu Bela Beach.

Watu Bela Beach in West Sumba is located between Kerewei Beach and Marosi Beach. These beaches also have white sand that beautifies the scenery. This beautiful beach in West Sumba is very suitable as a tourist destination.

On this beach, a traveler can enjoy tosca-colored sea water to hit the white cliffs by the beach. You can swim and play water in there. Or also play with beach waves.

Watu Bela Beach
Watu Bela Beach, West Sumba

But if you are afraid of swimming, you can take a photo near the white cliff at the end of the beach. Guaranteed your photo results will be instagramable. It’s amazing.

At Watu Bela, a traveler can also enjoy the fresh coconut water picked directly from the trees by local residents. Quiet, affordable price. You can enjoy fresh coconut water while enjoying the beautiful view on Watu Bela Beach in West Sumba.

Well, that’s the charm of the beach in West Sumba that is highly recommended for your vacation. You can unwind from your routine and work. And what is certain is the beauty of Watu Bela Beach and the two beaches on the right and left: you will never forget Kerewei Beach and Marosi Beach.

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