Do you Want to Explore Ende? Visit The Beautiful Beach In Ende

Do you Want to Explore Ende? Visit The Beautiful Beach In Ende

People know Ende, East Nusa Tenggara as one of the areas that have a beautiful nature. For example Kelimutu Lake whose water can change color. In addition, you must also visit the beautiful beaches in Ende.

You can enjoy the beautiful and unique beaches in there. Which beaches can be your choice to spend the day?

# Nanganesa Beach

Beautiful Beach in Ende

Nanganesa Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Ende. The location of this beach at the mouth of Ende Bay, in District Ndona or about five kilometers from the City of Ende.

Nanganesa Beach has a wide expanse of white sand and great waves. On this beach, tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of Meja Mountain and Iya Mountain.

On Nanganesa Beach, tourists can also enjoy bathing fresh water and sea water at once. This is because Nanganesa Beach is the estuary of Wolowona times.

# Penggajawa Beach or Blue Stone Beach

Blue Stone Beach

Another beautiful beach in Ende is Penggajawa Beach. This beach is better known as Blue Stone Beach because it has light blue and green stones.

People said that the colorful stones came from the bottom of the sea, wiped out waves and stranded on the beach. Local people use these stones for sale out of Flores. Usually the stones are used as decoration in the yard or resort.

Penggajawa Beach is 25 Kilometers northwest of Ende. To get to this beach, tourists must travel for 30-40 minutes from the city of Ende. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, tourists can also swim in there.

# Mbuliwaralau Beach

Beautiful Beach In Ende

Do you want to visit the other beautiful beach in Ende? Go to Mbuliwaralau Beach. This beach stretches along the southern coast of Ende District.

The location of this beach is near the fishing village, Mbuliwaralau Village, Wolowaru Sub District. This beach is about 13 Kilometers from Wolowaru.

At Mbuliwaralau Beach, tourists can sitting by the beach or swimming. But you have to be careful because the waves in there can suddenly big and crashing strong.
That’s the beaches in Ende that could be your tourism destination. You can take off tired while enjoying the beautiful scenery in there. So, when will you go there?

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