You Can Visit This Tourist Attractions in Ende, NTT Besides Kelimutu Lake

You Can Visit This Tourist Attractions in Ende, NTT Besides Kelimutu Lake, – When hearing the name Ende in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), people will immediately remember Kelimutu Lake. This lake has three colors. It’s one of the beautiful place in Ende. But there are other tourist attractions in Ende that you can visit.

Ende has beautiful beaches, traditional villages, mountains, tenun ikat museum. In addition, tourists can also visit historical places of Bung Karno, Indonesia’s first president.

# Bung Karno Exile Home

Tourist Attractions in Ende
Bung Karno Exile Home. (Photo:

This is one of the historic places for the Indonesian nation. Located on Perwira Street, this house became a place of exile for Indonesia’s Founding Father and the first President of Indonesia.

For four years (1934-1938), Bung Karno occupied this exile home. Bung Karno accompanied by his wife, Inggit Garnasih and his adopted daugther Ratna Djuami and his mother-in-law Amsi. Bung Karno exile home still keep the things used by Bung Karno and his family during they stayed in there. Such as tables and chairs, plates, bedrooms and cabinets. In this house also keep Bung Karno’s writings, paintings made by Soekarno, photographs, and others things.

# Taman Renungan Bung Karno

Tourist Attractions in Ende
Taman Renungan Bung Karno. (Photo:

Ende was the first place of exile for Bung Karno. From the city of Ende the idea related to Pancasila was born.

Not far from the Bung Karno exile home, there is a field named Pancasila Field. The name of Pancasila was chosen because it became a place where Bung Karno think, including contemplation the points of Pancasila.

Bung Karno choose to contemplate under a five-pronged breadfruit tree. The tree had fallen, but a new breadfruit tree was planted to replace the fallen tree. There also made a statue of Bung Karno who was sitting on a bench while looking at the Savu Sea.

# Wologai Traditional Village

Kelimutu Lake
This is one of the traditional village in Ende. (Photo:

In addition to enjoying the historical tour, tourist can visit the traditional village in Ende. One of them is Wologai Traditional Village.

This village is estimated to be about 800 years old. Location of this traditional village at an altitude about 1045 mdpl. From the Ende, this village is about 37 kilometers. To reach this village, tourist can use public transportation or rent a car.

Traditional house in this village has a cone-shaped roof made of reed. The height of the house is about 4 meters while the roof is about 3 meters.

# Ria Beach

Tourist Attractions in Ende
Tourists can enjoy beautiful sunset in this beach. (Photo:

If visiting Ende, it feels incomplete if you do not visit Ria beach. This beach is in the city of Ende. Tourists can swimming in this beach because it has calm waves.

Because of its location within the city, this beach became one of the favorite places of Ende people to spend time in the afternoon. While relaxing with the family, visitors can enjoy a beautiful sunset on this beach.

# Mbu’u Beach

Tourist Attractions in Ende
Mbu’u Beach in Ende. (Photo:

Other beaches that become tourist attractions in Ende is Mbu’u Beach. This beach has black sand.
Although the location is a far from Ende city, but tourists should visit this beach.

Mbu’u beach offers beautiful scenery for tourists. Besides enjoying the beach, tourists can enjoy the view of Table Mountain and Mount Iya from this beach.

That’s some of the tourist attractions in Ende that can be your choice. There are still other places that can be visited. So when will you holiday to Ende?

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