Border Office Timor Indonesia – Timor Leste can Become a Travel Destination

Border Office Timor Indonesia – Timor Leste Can Become a Travel Destination, – Indoneia have two way access to Timor Leste from west Timor. Border office Timor Indonesia – Timor Lest is Motaain in Atambua and Wini in Kefamenanu.

For anyone who wants to go to Timor Leste, he can enter through the border office in Motaain or Wini. All this time, many people use border office in Motaain. While the border office in Wini rarely used.

Nevertheless, the Indonesian government built a border office there very well. That said, in West Timor this is the best border office.

Because of its magnificence, the two west Timor – Timor Leste border office often function double. Aside from being an entrance, both of them become tourist destinations for travelers.

Especially for Instagram photo hunters. They often come there to take pictures then publish them on their Instagram or facebook account.

# Motaain border office

Motaain Border Office
Motaain Border Office (

The Motaain border office is the busiest border office. This is due to access from West Timor to the city of Dili, the capital of the State of Timor Leste, usually through this door. It could be said that this is the main door.

This border office building in Motaain is made with very complete facilities. The favorite place for travelers to take pictures is the border monument.

# Wini border office

Wini Border Office
Wini Border Office (

The Wini border office is a door of access to Oeccuse, one of the territories of the State of Timor Leste. Access to Timor Leste through this door is not yet very popular. Not many people have used this door.

Even so, the border office building here was built very grandly. This office building combines traditional concepts and modern concepts so that they look very unique.

So don’t be surprised if this office area is used more for photos than as a border office. If you are a traveler and happen to be in Kefamenanu or Atambua, it’s good to visit this one tourist destination.

This is the East Timor and East Timor border office which is now a new tourist destination, specifically for Instagram photo hunters.

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