Are You Know Oepoli Beach? Three Unique Things You Can Find on This Beach

Are You Know Oepoli Beach? Three Unique Things You Can Find on This Beach, – I believe not all readers of know about the Oepoli beach. Yes, information about Oepoli beach is very minimal. Many people not know about this beach.

If you want to know about Oepoli beach, you must know first where Oepoli is. Oepoli is a small village in the eastern Kupang Regency. This village is the last village before to Timor Leste Country or TTU Regency.

In the structure of Indonesian government, Oepoli entered in the Netemnanu Utara Village, Amfoang Timur District.

Oepoli is located in the lowlands of the northern side of Timor Island. So, it can be said that Oepoli is on the northern coastline of Timor Island.

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Oepoli beach has its own uniqueness. If in other places the coast consists of white sand, then do not expect you can enjoy the white sand on Oepoli beach.

This coastal coast consists of pebbles. While shifting into the ocean there are many rocks in large size. Waves on the beach is also quite high, especially in the rainy season.

However, precisely because the coast consists of pebbles is what makes this beach unique.

1. Clear sea water all the time

You will never find dirty sea water on this beach. Coastal coasts consisting of pebbles make the water here very clear all the time.

This is of course very good for you who are not good at swimming but still want to enjoy clean sea water. You can soak on the edge or lie on a pebble and let the waves moisten your body.

Faot Ike Beach in Oepoli
Faot Ike Beach (

2. Very close to the rice fields

The location of this beach is very close to the rice fields of residents. The distance between the beach and rice fields is only about 200-500 meters. However, the water in the rice field is fresh water, although the boundary between the fields and the sea consists only of gravel mounds.

3. Dusk on the rock

Have you ever seen the evening while sitting on a rock? As the reddish sun at the west end, the sea water recedes to about a kilometer to the middle, you sit on a rock while waiting for the sun to set.

Oh … it’s so beautiful. Especially if accompanied by your girlfriend. Oath, that’s a moment you’ll never forget all your life.

That’s what you’ll meet when you come to Oepoli beach. These three unique things you will find there.

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