5 Fact about Batek Island, One of Indonesia’s Natural Wealth

Batek Island, Parinseja.com – This is about Batek Island, one of Indonesia’s natural wealth in Indonesia – Timor Leste border. I want to write something about it because I come from one village near it.

My village is Oepoli, last village of Kupang District. So, from Oepoli we can go to Batek Island by speed boats. All this time, Oepoli people go to there with ‘ketinting’ boat. Ketinting is a designation for motorized boad.

Now I want to tell you about 5 fact about it.

1. Name of the Island

Beach of Batek Island, NTT
Beach of Batek Island, NTT

People call it by name Batek Island. But it has other name is Fatu Sinai. The name consists of two word in Dawan Language: Fatu and Sinai. Fatu is stone. While Sinai from mythos in Dawan tribe.

It is said that Sinai is a stone in land. But sometime at midnight Sinai moved from land to middle of Sawu Sea.

2. Near Oepoli

From Oepoli Beach we can see Batek Island
From Oepoli Beach we can see Batek Island

The village near Fatu Sinai is Oepoli. From Oepoli we can go to there by ketinting boat. Long trip to there about 30 until 45 minute.

From Oepoli beach we can see Batek Island or Fatu Sinai.

3. There is a post border

Border Post Batek Island NTT
Border Post Batek Island, NTT

In Fatu Sinai is a post border and guarded by Indonesian soldier. There is a transmitter that operates 24 hours. On the night, we can see the lamp of the transmitter from Oepoli beach.

4. Unpopulated

Unpopulated in there
Unpopulated in there

Fatu Sinai is unpopulated. All this time, there are post border and Indonesian soldiers. But there is no population.

One of the cause is no water. The past, sometime border soldiers come to Oepoli to take water by speed boats. But now there are refining sea water which can be drunk directly or to the other needs.

5. There is white sand

White Sand in Fatu Sinai
White Sand in Fatu Sinai

Though unpopulated, there is beautiful white sand. So if you has time to go to there, you can see the white sand that very clear in this island. Turtle often lay eggs in its beach because no one is bothering.

Well, it is 5 fact about Batek Island which unknown many people.

Photo Source: ekspedisinkrijelajahpantai.blogspot.com

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